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  • mlspec1999 mlspec1999 May 14, 2003 3:45 PM Flag

    it appears the church is coming out in

    force--I just saw another poster who called himself "holyland" or something like that!
    Armageddon may not be that far off!

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    • Muggs... Shhhh... Don't tell anyone about this...

      Go to your nearest Hunting / Fishing Supply store and ask for a vile of Deer Urine...

      Hunters usually spray their boots with Doe Urine before they go out on the hunt...

      The beauty of the stuff is that humans cannot really smell it for a few days...

      Take X Hubby some nice Tollhouse Cookies... Conceal your little vile of sweetness, maybe in your cleavage so you can grab it while he goes to get a couple of glasses of milk...

      While X'er is gone, retrieve the vile and sprinkle the stuff all over the sofa and carpet...

      When he returns, smile and be real nice Muggs...

      Head on out with the satisfaction that it will smell like a atomic $hitbomb in his house for many months to come... The fallout will hover and he will probably buy a puptent and sleep outside for a while...

      People always get what they deserve Muggs... You didn't hear it here...


    • Web,

      Forget the Spam. That stuff just tastes bad. Do you know anyone in the cement business instead? ;-)


    • fer sure, Kiki! women are much more fun than some stinkin' car!

    • Stude

      You gave him a chick and no car? What kind of a weirdo are you or am I missing something?

      Clara's a blonde fer sherr! Kiki

    • i got clara abbott for my son, despite lousy grades. good students got a lot more. after i got divorced, he got some Fafsa based upon my X's income where he lived. the grant he got you do not have to pay back. Mugs might get the same. definetly worth a shot.

    • I believe the foundation also gives grants to former or retired employee's children if you are in that category. It's worth a try.

    • we can sic mtg on him

    • Muggs, I have no idea if you may be an Abt employee but the Clara Abt foundation can be extremely helpful with their grants for college tuition and it's easy to apply. They have generous grants for college students based on family income and number of students in the family. It's definitely worth a try.

      Also, filling out the Fafsa, which is available at any college financial aid office, will bring offers of grants and loans at super low rates of 3.5 - 5% that can be used at whatever school your son chooses. It will even cover living and transportation expenses, computer purchase, books, etc.

      The student doesn't pay it back until after graduation and employment. And the monthly payments are small. There are deferrals too for unemployment or returning to school.

      It's worth applying for the financial aid because you can't tell what the situation really is until you get the results back. It really surprised us when our family went through a rough spot while kids were in college-bound age. The worse your financial situation, the higher the grants and aid. It was a silver lining. And they're all doing great with degrees in fields they love. 2 are in postgraduate schools now. So doing the financial aid homework was well worth it.

      Something will work out, try and keep a positive attitude. Good luck on helping your son! Grateful for silver linings, Celerii

    • I am sorry to hear about your "X" not honoring his responsibility...

      Give us his eMail address and we will bombard him with spam... ;-)

      We are here for you Muggs...


    • Muggs...

      In today's environment there is a lot more pressure being applied to make up back payments for child support. Have you talked to someone in Health & Human Services or secrured an attorney, You and your child should not have to suffer at the expense of a father evading his legimate responsibilities.

      Good luck,


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