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  • keekefretter keekefretter Sep 1, 2003 3:02 PM Flag

    Surrender monkeys


    Prez Chirac is whining for Kadhafi to release more funds to the French victims of the DC-10 they accused, without proof, the Lybians of downing. He reminded Kadhafi that France was always on their side and remninded him also that France denied their air space to our fighter bombers (we lost 1 and 2 pilots as a result). I still believe to this day that France warned Kadhafi of our raid and so allowed him to escapoe certain death at the hands of Reagan, Chirac's nemesis.

    Chirac is a whiner no doubt, he told the Lybian leader that the French victims' families were upset that the Lockerbie victims got 1K times the amount the French settled for their victims's families. Chirac says now he wants parity, "�galit�" in French, because the French victims are now mad at him and that otherwise he will veto the lifting of the sanctions again Lybia at the UN.

    Chirac is a pissant fer sherr. I never bit my nails, and all my women love me for that ... and my fancy and expensive Italian shoes.

    Keep boycotting France! Kiki

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