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  • metaphysikal7 metaphysikal7 Sep 15, 2003 10:28 PM Flag

    didn't know....

    Folks with white skin have received preferental treatment since the beginning of this country. Only Africans dragged to this country were forcibly kept as chattel slaves. If you have some white ancestors who lived in this country under those conditions, please enlighten......

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    • Meta;
      Some of my ancestors were indentured servants. I think that is as close as I can come to being a slave. At least after 45 years doing genealogy I have never found any evidence of any of my ancestors owning slaves.

    • didn't any relatives live here then, but have heard stories from oldies in the family of many jobs and work places that were not open to irish or germans....the sign "Irish or German need not apply" was found throught the country in the early 1900's. we all face descrimination at one time in our lives or another, its just getting a little old hearing the same old people gripe about it year after year, decade after decade....get over it move on, do something for yourself. if the company that you want to work for won't hire you because they are "racist" start your own company and beat them at their own game...

      remember winning isn't everything, its the only thing


    • You are hitting some buttons of mine here.

      Firstly, I nor any one of my (or your) generation had anything to do with slavery. It ended over 100 years ago - get over it. I'm tired of being mind whipped by the black population complaining about something that can't be changed. It was a horrible time in this country, and lest you forget, the Civil War was fought to gain your ancestor's freedom.

      One thing I have never understood is this (any maybe you can explain it).. is why when there is revolt, people seem to destroy thier own backyards. Makes no sense to me.

      Now, if you want to talk about a descrimination - try being a woman in business who is paid 1/2 of the salary of her male counterpart for the same job.

      Life isn't always fair and you don't have the only corner of the market.


    • Take your Prozac and take a deep breath..AUM!! Your ANGST and Disharmony do not speak well for the "Mantle" you have taken. Chill Out. Your anger bespeaks your Hypocracy!!!

    • Metsky,

      Africans in West Africa, rounded their own people up, and sold them to the white man or the Arabs.

      Would you care to elaborate...

      • 1 Reply to pershing832003
      • another myth perpetrated by whites to prove a nonexistent point (i.e. "barbershop" history)...arabs(who for centuries tried to inade many parts of africa and failed because of their ineptitude) and jews finally gained a foothold in northern Africa and spread to the central, south and western areas of the continent where they, at gunpoint, forced africans to travel (with amny dying en route) to ports where they were shipped to north and south america and the carribban.

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