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  • pershing832003 pershing832003 Dec 5, 2003 12:42 PM Flag

    Gold hit $405 today!


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    • He was very modest and quite stunning in appearance. Kind of scary for a kid. My parents bought some prints from him when I was a boy. In the late 1950's he'd be at his gallery in the summer. He also ran a photography institute in which some of my parents' friends participated in Yosemite Valley.


    • Celerii:
      Buying a bag of junk silver may not be a bad idea. Junk silver is silver coins without numismatic value. These would be coins minted in 1964 and before. A mixture of dimes, quarters, and halves would probably be best. Junk silver dollars would cost a little more but not much. A bag is $1000 face value. Unless, one has a safety deposit box which is free with checking then it gets expensive to keep the coins in a bank. They then would have to be kept at home. Regardless, of where one lives there is always the chance of robbery so one needs a good safe place at home. One can also buy half a bag but the premium will be a little higher. I haven't traded in silver for more than 10 years so really don't know what a bag would cost but would guess $5,000 to $6,000. It is a form of insurance that one could use during dire circumstances and with the world being the way it is who knows.

    • AOK, what was Ansel like? We say the play about him in Yosemite and wondered how he dealt with them filling up the Hetch Hetchy valley he loved so much. Those mountains call one to hike them.

    • Persh, after reading your post, I'm picturing you sitting with a large chest full of gold coins, sort of like a pirate or adventurer. You have good points and the Asians sure have used it to transport their wealth when relocating to another economy. Amazing how many pay cash for their houses here. Calif. real estate has been a form of gold too...well situated property precious and sought after. $25,000 house in 1970 now worth 800,000, etc. Sure wish we'd kept it. But couldn't buy a hamburger with it, ha.

    • Thanks for the info...makes me want to read the book which never got around to doing. It's been sad to see the pollution lately in the central valley, though. Shocking to me during the last 2 trips north. Sure hope they do something to clean up the air. You are probably high enough not to be affected as much as area around Bakersfield and environs. Sure glad you are a fellow Californian...I love this state! Cel

    • Silver coins would be helpful to buy food if things really got all that bad. Having some under the bed is the ultimate safety net.

    • Yes, I remember that and also Split Pea Anderson's in Buelton which we always looked forward to as it marked our progress on the way to San Luis Obispo. To see old California, the area inland of San Diego around Julian and Warner Springs Ranch was always a step back in time but I haven't been there since the fires. I miss the orange groves in Orange County, but saw some familiar old buildings, remnants of dairy farms along old Euclid avenue south of the Ontario airport between it and the 91. There's not much rural history left in south Cal. with all the new nonstop development.

      Way in the north, near Oregon border..little towns along highway 5 through the mountains still look like the 1950's. We stopped in Dunsmuir and little towns around Yreka....old railroad towns with houses built of wood with porches along the river.

      It sure would be great to zap back a few decades and snap some photos at least. We didn't appreciate the rarity of the scenery until it was gone. Sure hope they can keep the Orange along the 99!

    • There are those who believe humans were breed by some band of space travelers to mine gold for some use back home.Consequently, humans have always had a certain fascination for gold. Don't know about that, but there is a certain pleasure of handling gold coins.

    • aok, have you ever been to the Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson?

    • Persh,

      If used properly, gold can get you blowjobs, but not a Big Mac. There have been many head fakes with gold over the last 20 years. It's gone from $275 to $400 in two years. That's good, but not mind boggling like NFI. It's the same as a stock going from $27.50 to $40 in two years.

      Snugly. You might be right about ABT. Then again, you might not be. I wouldn't bet my whole 401K on being right. But I wish you well.

      Plute. "Barron's" roasted Condit in their editorial this morning for things other than those of which you posted. Also, if I'd been smart enough to use Trojans as a youth, Cathy would not have been able inflict the need for penicilin on me.

      Where are AMD and Newby? I'm also wondering if Studly decided to retire. AMD stopped hanging around about the time MTG died.


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