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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Feb 11, 2004 6:36 PM Flag

    Where's The Anger?

    Norvir is still 400% higher than in early December, but nobody on the board is bitching today. The protest must not have been a market moving event. It's interesting how much less bitching the bagholders do on days when ABT goes up. ABT was up the same percentage as the Dow today. I still agree with the epiphany I had regarding the unsuitability of the price increase, but maybe it's a big nothing when it comes to the stock price. But if you are owning a stock that is going up by the same amount as the indexes, what's the point? You aren't diversified and you aren't outperforming for the additional risk you are taking. Sell some shares. You'll feel better about yourself in the morning. The head wind is strong and a lot of it is not self induced by ABT, but a lot of it is. Did you see all those Norvir lawsuits?

    By the way, the ABT shares I sold to buy NFI are flat. Some of my NFI shares are up from $41 to $51, some from $39 to $51, some from $44 to $51, some from $49 to $51, some from some from $50 to $51 and some flat from $51 to $51. The point is not to crow like AoK. Specster has outperformed me in the same time period. The point is that there is life beyond ABT shares. I am still emotionally attached to ABT as it was the first great stock I ever owned. But there's no room for sentiment when your future is at stake. These investment dollars represent my future. I've fought too many headwinds in my life and am not fighting this one.

    Still looking for a major market decline one day to 9200 on the Dow. Each 200 points that the Dow goes up makes the new low 100 points higher. So if the Dow goes to 10,900, the new low for the correction will be 9300. It's been 11 months since we've had at least a 5% correction. Does anybody think we've seen the last 5% correction in our lifetimes? I don't, and have some cash for it when it comes. Am stil heavily invested, so watching the market rise is very pleasant, even if it conflicts with what I have predicted. One day Greenie will say things the market doesn't like. I'll be ready.

    Have a good evening.


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    • Don't talk that way, Ortho... you dumb sht.

      Life is short and time is sweet.

      Even if you live in Chicago.


    • Ah but Persh, for every learning experience I've had, that experience and duplicity of success often fails in the next encounter. Such is the nature of that curious beast known as women. I see roses, but only catch the thorns. With the deftness of Zorro, I have carved my initials upon the bosom of my lover, only to be rebuffed by her profound love and the impending guilt by cheating on her husband. I have denied, but only to be caught in a Menage quad and steamrolled by all parties with a deeping saddness bubbling in my heart for her affections as they slowly fade away.

      Oh, I have strayed to only look at younger women who are chaste in the ways of profound mature love, but only briefly. Although I must say that the SI Swim Suit Edition has gotten my attention more than normal. While the flying propeller attached to Janet further discouraged my involvement with the wierd ones with sexual toys of pleasure.

      No, I will drive on General to succeed at your urging to achieve that those who have much to offer, discretly of course. Just remember Persh, if you do not see me post again, its that bullet in my head from the menage(husband), not the trois(of a successful encounter)from me.


      BTW, glade you've seen the error of your ways and are halfway back to the Beefeaters.

    • Where are you, man.

      Bagholder deluxe.


    • Ortho, you said...

      >>And then you also tell me my mistress must be happily married. If she was that happy why would she want to take upwith me?<<

      Ortho, young lad, have you learned nothing about women? They are human too. Self esteem is everthing (they say). You have much to offer.

      I will post another rule: Deny, deny, never ever admit to anything.

      Have returned to Gin, BTW, Persh

    • Persh...

      Oh you traitor!!! You...You...Benedict Arnold!!!First its the Gin(to Vodka), now it Blue Cheese vs Anchovies. I am totally distraught by your changing moods!! You've become Pussy Persh instead of being the stallworth General we've come to know and love.And then you also tell me my mistress must be happily married. If she was that happy why would she want to take upwith me? Besides my good looks, my sexy european convertible with the full extension front seat, being an ABT stockholder, and carefully crafting using Bill Clinton's Cigar techniques, etc. Guess that e'nuff of reason, uh?

      BTW Watch out for the mercury levels in those little buggers!!


      PPS; Still appreciate the advice on the Grenadines and plan to get nekked and start my own seemy story.

    • I am far sighted Booker... That's why I like the big ones... I can see the details without putting on my reading glasses...


    • Hows your vision now? I've heard that staring to hard at ta tahs can make you go blind. If that's the case, you still have the memories.

    • Exactly, Ortho.

      And BTW, I am becoming fond of the olives stuffed with anchovies. I paid $4.28 for a medium size bottle.


    • One of these days I am going to tell you Susan's real lastname, Ortho...

      A classic, very similar to your story...

      Catch you on the flipside...


    • Web/Spec...

      No Web I have not been following you around, but if the shoe fits on the description, better be careful how you wear it!.

      As a side bar, dated a young well developed young lovely in High School whose last name was Bobenhouse, but friends drove me crazy by calling her boobsinblouse. Damn near one night called her dad that Hi Mr. Boobsinblouse when picking her up on a date. Can you imagine how this one could have played out? Think in his own mind he knew he had every cat in the yard eying those. Mom was a more respectable B cup.And believe she even looked with envy at her daughter wondering which side of the gene pool she was from and what mom had missed.


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