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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Feb 27, 2004 8:29 PM Flag



    Olstein up 45% last twelve months through 1-31-04. Also, loyalty to a TV babe is meaningless. My loyalty is to the one that would give me the most pleasure at any given moment. They wouldn't be loyal to me. You overrate Terri, but I'm glad she works for you.

    You certainly have some good funds. I am less than convinced about your gold play.

    KiKi. Sold my EWJ 2 days before the Nikkei went up 350 straight points. Win a few, lose a few. It was an excellent profit over a short time. Probably about 6 months and 25% gain. Also sold my GF for a 10% profit over about 6 or 8 weeks. Thanks for the recommendation on that one. I needed the money for another investment. I do have one laggard that is killing me. I'll let you guess the symbol. Don't know how much longer I'll have it. It's taking a toll. My WMT is coming back strong. HD and IBM have shown signs of life. Talked over tax consequences with my accountant this week. Her advice is just a reinforcement of what I've known. Don't let taxes interfere with repositioning your portfolio. I knew this, just needed to hear it.

    You guys have a good weekend.


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    • Beany-I think Aok just turned liberal as he got so worked up he confused John Robert Kerrey Ex-SEN-NE Ex-Navy SEAL with John F.Kerry SEN-MA Ex-LT USNR Blackshoe.But guess don't matter both liberals against Big Pharma. Bush knows we must maintain leadership in pharmas no fear with Billy Tauzin lobbying and Abbott just hired his staffer as VP Govt Relations so Abbott is in good hands in Washington.

    • Regarding why US workers don't live as long as Western Europeans and Canadians. It's interesting that they get more frequent vacations and more of them during the year. US workers stay on the treadmill and wear themselves out for the corporation. Probably take more drugs too. The other cultures put a higher value on family and quality of life. They pace life better, smell the roses along the path, rather than run a marathon and drop dead. Productivity is probably lower but is it really when one looks at the longer picture and includes cost of medical care, worker's comp, depression, alcohol and drug abuse. Just wondering.

    • Like Reagan said, "There you go again." One can't solve the logical inconsistincies here. The big picture spells grief.


    • The particulars are not of terrible importance. It's the affect that matters, and big pharma, again, will be on the receiving end of media/political abuse. I wish it were otherwise because then differing views could be reconciled logically. The trend is in favor of government intervention in pharma pricing in both parties. So we think from there. Too bad.


    • Spec

      I know all of the logical arguments, but that is not what politics is about. It's about simpletons and how they are swayed. Give them an extended reasoning, and it will fall on deaf ears, and you know it. In fact, for many, logic is a matter of suspicion. I used to have almost as much Abt as El Capitan. Still have a bundle, but not so much as to sweat this political season as I did the last three. Good riddance. Politics is forever enmeshed in this business. I guarantee it. You can play with it all that you want. I may sell all of the rest. I considered it for two days. Big pharma is a good, permanent target.


    • No, counting my new beans.

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