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    Scientists find potential easy path to erections
    Wednesday April 14, 4:16 pm ET

    WASHINGTON, April 14 (Reuters) - Researchers looking for the next generation of erectile dysfunction drugs said on Wednesday they found a precise mechanism that stimulates erections in rats without dangerous side effects.

    Their target is a single molecular doorway into nerve cells called a receptor -- in this case one used by the message-carrying chemical or neurotransmitter dopamine.

    Drugs that stimulate such a specific mechanism could be expected to have their intended effect -- an erection -- without the dangerous side effects that make Viagra too risky for some heart patients, they said.

    The team, at Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT - News) and Lund University in Sweden, were building on research that shows drugs that stimulate dopamine can also stimulate erections.

    But dopamine has broad effects, and drugs that stimulate dopamine production eventually cause shaking, partial paralysis, nausea and other effects.

    Cells have at least five types of receptors that dopamine can hook up to and affect. In theory, limiting a drug to just one or two of those should limit unwanted effects.

    Working in rats, Jorge Brioni, James Sullivan and colleagues found that stimulating the D4 receptor alone was enough to cause erections.

    Previous research had shown that apomorphine, a drug that activates all dopamine receptors, could help men with erectile dysfunction have erections. But it can cause nausea.

    The Abbott team found the D2 dopamine receptor may be responsible for that side effect.

    An experimental Abbott drug called ABT-724 seems to affect D4 without affecting other dopamine receptors.

    "The ability of ABT-724 to facilitate penile erection together with the favorable side-effect profile indicates that ABT-724 could be useful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction," they wrote in their report, published in this week's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    Since Pfizer's (NYSE:PFE - News) Viagra was approved in 1998, annual global sales have reached $1.9 billion. Rivals have entered the market, including Levitra from GlaxoSmithKline (London:GSK.L - News) and Bayer AG (XETRA:BAYG.DE - News), and Cialis from Eli Lilly & Co. (NYSE:LLY - News) and Icos Corp (NYSE:ICOS - News).

    They all act by affecting blood flow, notably to the penis, but can cause headaches, heartburn and flushing. They should not be taken along with heart drugs such as alpha blockers or nitrates.

    An Abbott spokeswoman said ABT-724 had passed Phase I safety studies and that Abbott was seeking to license development to another company.

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    • just remembered the guy im talking about comes on the radio on sunday nights i believe it is....talks about stocks....have no clue whathis track record is....

    • RJ
      I remember back in 1992 when I was told that if Clinton won I could kiss my Abbott stock goodbye. Well, ABT went up more during Clinton's 8 years in office than any other time in history. Drug stocks are going to do what drug stock will do regardless of who is president.Of course drug companies would take a temporary hit if Kerry was elected but at the end of 4 years they would be about the same whether it was Bush or Kerry.

    • Hard to worrry about what Kerry's win would do to pharma. Look at the stats on Bush. He was declared the winner on Nov 26, 2000 I believe and ABT closed at $53 on the 27th. He took office on Jan 20th and ABT closed at $44. After all these years in between and look at where we are! If a republican win is supposed to be good for pharma.....

      I think I'll take my chances.

    • Buy ABT now, get the benefit of the HSP dividend in 2 weeks, then make your decision on long-term hold (vis-a-vis the 'John Kerry' factor). Expect ABT to quickly recover the intrinsic decline for the relinquised value of HSP, and be back to about where it is today within a month. IMHO, a very real 10% total increase in value within that month (considering the total of both)

      Of course, you could have had another immediate almost 10% if you'd bought Tuesday at 40, but even today at 43, still looks good with the HSP dividend pending.

    • some guy on the radio this morning was saying nt to buy pharma stocks cause if kerry wins it wouldnt be good for those....

    • No, it's not Uprima that issues the warning in its commercials, it's Cialis (and it's 4 hours, not three). Uprima is not on the market (see my earlier post).

      And damn, I'd be worried after 30 minutes, let alone 4 bours!

    • Does'nt Uprima warn if you have an erection for more than 36 hours, you should consult your Doctor... LoL...

      I think my record is around 4 hours... I cannot take credit though... It was the Jack Daniels...

      She called me a Bastard, but told me she loved me the next morning...


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