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  • pennirish7602 pennirish7602 Apr 21, 2004 10:48 AM Flag

    Thanks Ortho-Persh

    Ortho thanks for your thoughts on SMBI.

    Persh, I will do some checking on the body scan deal. Heard radio commercials for same thing in Baltimore, calling it virtual physicals. If memory serves me correctly,
    think charges were in the $250.00 range.


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    • That is amazing and a great story to read. While there are sometimes mishaps with a colonoscopy, and I speak from the experience of my mother, the best way to diagnose and prevent the spread of colon cancer is with a colonoscopy. It's my undestanding most are done with a twilight sleep of valium and the patient is sent on their merry way hopefully shortly there after. Good thoughts produce good results, keep up your fight...

    • Clerii:
      My sister-in-law was having trouble and a colonoscopy revealed a cancerous growth as big as a grapefruit. Stage IV cancer which had invaded the lymph nodes and 90% of her liver. They put her on chemo where she carried it around with her as it dripped into a vein 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Then, she was off for 7 days. After 6 months of treatment no cancer cells could be found. Her treatment ended in Feb. 03. Still no sign of cancer. Amazing!

    • Celeri....

      Very excellent advice. 2 yrs ago my sainted 90 yr old mother was hospitalized for a bacterial infection in her foot, through some round about tests and lack of antibiotic response to get rid of, and low red cell counts, they decided to do a colonoscopy. Yep had Colon CA, but had not broken through the wall. Surgery chem.

      This fluke, I believe saved her life. I had my first one done right after that. Yep its painless. I cannot really comment about the mammogram since I did not get one!


    • Plute:
      Thanks.My cancer was in situ or the very beginning phase. I have completed my radiation and no more treatments are planned. I had a team of 4 oncologist and one was a radiologist plus my ENT doctor.

    • To eat in Nashville? Flemings by Vanderbilt, expensive, The Wild Boar, expensive, also near VU, downtown near Country Music Hall of Fame and river, The Palm, next door to Eddie George's sports bar.

      Haj, That's wonderful, you winning the Nobel prize. This board has outstanding members.

      I hope Doo Doo saw Lost's post last night.

      The General

    • It's my guess that the NFI debacle will take several months to play out, maybe starting a steady uptick within nine months or so. I'll be content to collect my fat divi in the meantime. Unless I'm proved totally wrong , and the whole company is a sham, I have no plans to sell, though I doubt I'll add due to diversification concerns. About the only thing to change my mind would be if JJR posted convincing reasons to sell, sell, sell. Though not infallible, I greatly respect JJR's objective, non-cheerleading approach to analyzing financial organizations. When the hoodlums attacked ACAS, JJR was the dominate force in holding the board and retail stockholder base together with his penetrating analysis and calm under pressure.

    • Haj-Thanks I would not have been so humble I'd have accepted the Nobel Prize gone to Stockholm as I like Swedish women. BTW-My real luck was marrying that Swiss I found on Waikik over 40 years ago.We spent many weekends laying on the beach in front of the Royal Hawaiian, I even use to use their pool,never thought I could afford it but I did on trip back from Australia few years ago, it seen better days.BTW-Watching NFI what price you planning to BUY & SELL?

    • plute, you're fortunate to be blessed with brilliant children, remarkable health and a vivid imagination. As for me, it's true that I refused the Nobel prize for chemistry last year. After all, I had won the damn thing for a record three years in a row in various categories and felt it better to give someone else of lesser ability a chance.haj

    • Phy-Really sorry to hear of your recent illness,I always pictured you as that envied guy with good knees that jogs miles every morning before breakfast.Please feel free to post if you need any of us to research or at least pray for your fast recovery.The MD Anderson Cancer Clinic as you may know as an outstanding center in Orlando.God Be With You. Plute

    • Cel- My daughter rented in Pacific Heights for 10 years but was single,a rare 38 yr old beauty-with-brains makes over $185/yr as VP Large Foundation,travels the world on business always 1st class,and keeps herself in terrific shape wish I was the lucky guy over 42 years ago to meet a girl like that but she's not the type to get picked up at O'Clubs,Buena Vista or maybe you could meet her at Sam's in Tiburon on a Sunday morning coming in on a sailboat from SF.The lucky guy is same age never married Ivy & Stanford and now writes which gives him time to travel.They looked for over 2 years but never made the always above offer price.This was large Victorian transformed into 3 condos good location.Son,34 just accepted Ivy League Medical School Professor after 10 years Med School,Internal Med & Specialization, he's brillant,no wimp & has beautiful Chinese girlfriend also an MD so may be one more marriage to go.Thanks to ABT [sold stock over last 5-years @ average price >$52 but didn't want to brag since I am so humble] he has no debt and money in the bank including ABT stock.Life is great, my younger daughter has two prize winning blondes girl 5 & boy 2.I am one lucky guy!Ciao

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