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  • webcre8tor webcre8tor May 11, 2004 9:40 PM Flag

    Our Budboard Goal...

    Should be to never put ourselves in a position of compromise, meaning we do not ever have to apologize...

    Apologize always arise from one of two reasons... Someone either says too much, or they don't say enough...

    Let's get balanced here...


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    • Plute

      The laggard's divvy is only 0.5% YTD, like the type of return you get with any MMF. So from -12.3% YTD the laggard's performance would go to -11.8% which rounded up is still -12% IMHO.

      One can only compare apples and apples, and in conclusion I will state that your turtle has not outrun any of mine so far fer sherr.

      I named my mule Karen, we are even now.

      My 6-pack is hard to beat indeed! Kiki

    • Spec-Good post. It all started when I questioned the two slick operators Hill and Dirty in their Good Cop-Bad Cop act tirelessly answering all questions 24/7 and constantly referring to the so called non-affliated NFI info website Dirty created out of the goodness of his heart.Aok even escorted Dirty over to this board in attempts to discredit me.I kept asking Hill:"Where's the pony?" Still no answer,now we know the pony is called Ponzi.Check Six

    • Spec

      You have more than contributed to this idiocy.

      I never called you names. I said that you were unwilling to learn, and I stand on that.

      I did not try to recruit anyone. ABT 50 EOY was real recruitment. True sophistication.

      Spec... I decided that were totally unwilling to accept the fact that Mr. Hill knew more about MBS-REIT mortgage companies than you did. Is that not correct ?

      3D could abuse anyone. He's sharp. Don't tangle.

      Anyway, it was more fun when we were talking about stocks and such.

      What the hell is happening to Noni ?


    • Polecat

      Run from a fight of your own creation. That is a novel notion. Your targets are former friends and people whom you do not even know ? Does that make sense ? Does that make sense to anyone here ?

      Polecat's last bastion. Pitiful. What became of you ?

      I wish your family well. I truly do.

      Step down. Lay off. Get with it. Move along.


    • Aok-I'm glad you switched ships to the Titanic.As for that piddling $15K my family personally gives more each year to St Jude Research Hospital for Children in Memphis and we are not catholics have been blessed with healthy beautiful children & grandchildren but realize others were not so fortunate.As for my investments I've never been greedy and have never looked for the quick buck.I am a very satisfied man all my life and God has blessed my family and me. I never run from a fight so keep it up and you shall see.PS-Regards to Cheng Check Six

    • Polecat

      You are as wacky and bent as your posts testify. I did not become a pied-piper of anything. I just posted what I owned. The board became a stock board for awhile with friendly bent, In fact, it was a lot fun, because, believe it or not, some have more than adequate resources to find good stocks.

      Abt has been flat for six years, has it not? The political climate is not good for pharmas as we have explored ad-infinitum.

      You did not like it because Lib and I left. You took pleasure at our losses in NFI because it had become apparent that you a true ABT bagholder. Frozen to a time when abt could almost guarantee 15% return per annum for decades.

      You took our departure from the abt family personally because you really wondered about yourself. Why do I hold this without growth for six years, particularly with the political overhang ?

      Then you attacked others than me.... Mr. Hill and Dirty. Mr. Hill is one of the finest people I have ever met. He helps sponsor a national organization that helps abused children, and you degrade him with the most base and abhorrent language...and so forth. The NFI board donated over 15K to that worthy organization because we know and like him. I won't go on any further. In short, your utterances disgrace you. What did Mr. Hill do to you to you ? What did Dirty do other than have a brilliant mind as well as an of off-beat sense humor which is lost on you.


      He is a man consumed with himself, and the abt board is his last ship. He saw me and Lib and others who did not hang onto the ship bound for nowhere as mutineers.


    • AOK
      I am not reading anymore of your messages as there are too many blue buttons to push.

    • JB-Between you & me I actually liked the guy.I told him where to eat in San Francisco [The Slanted Door] for good Vietnamese cooking and the World's Best Dim Sum at Yank Sing. I even told him to visit the HORNET in Alameda where I carqualled years ago off California coast before first Westpac on SHANGRI-LA.Aok even sent us photos of Cheng on the flight deck, he was well liked on this board by all.Then he became the pied piper from Freesno trying to lure us to invest in NFI, he posted his gains every week ridiculing us that held ABT.Yes he lured Lib, a poster we all appreciated.who now is so embarassed he won't return, even sucked Lib's Mom to buy NFI at $60 her life savings.So Spec & I decided we needed to stem the followers to the NFI board and their cult leader MR Hill so I posted the first "Drink Kool Aid when MR Hill says so" post.Hill may not be a bad guy but he never made Skull & Bones and I do believe lives alone,eats out alone & only hobby is teaching his NFI followers.Now that guy Dirty,as Aok says is a "National Asset", of course that's when NFI was $70 and he preached BUY it's going to $300 can't lose! Well, now you see why he hates me. Check Six

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