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  • jbw53190 jbw53190 Jun 23, 2004 2:35 PM Flag

    to the board except a non person

    i sincerly apolgize for my rude, crude, behavior in the last post;
    Usually don't get upset but some times even a gentleman has to put up or shut up.
    No man walks on me, he walk may around, but never on.
    Do not tread on me.

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    • No clue.

    • Beanie

      Get off it. You do not have a clew. Mealie-mouthed bastard as my father used to say.


    • do you even know who you are? from day to day you flip from savior of the jews, to jessie jacksons best friend, to contributor to the republican party, to minner's son (abt employee's son), etc. your stories seem to morph to fit the demands of the issues at hand. i think you are full of it. i think you are some has been looser teacher who got divorced years ago, than married one of his asian students or someone who looked like one. someone who pretends to care for others but really only cares for number one. someone who has no real view on anything and only pretends to so as to feel important. a person who screams out against racism, anti-semitism, and disrimination to cover his own true feelings. remember the saying "he that protestith too much". i think you are a fraud and a sad shell of a human.


    • It's "grammar", amigo. I take liberties, but generally I do know the difference. You attacked decent people on the other board who did not know you. There is no excuse for that.

      Sticks and stones is not right. Words do hurt.

      You are just a chump.


    • better check your grammer. idiot, alone as a word is not a sentence and thus would not necessitate a period. btw you don't know me from adam so i would appreciate you not call names. also, coming form you, calling me a low-life seems kind of oxymoronic. you proclaim that all people are created equal and class distinction should not be brought up, yet you call me a low-life. didn't your mama teach you the old saying sticks and are one sad individual.


    • Let us deconstruct your statement. Dimwit. Let us not.

      You are a brownshirt thug.

      I was an altar boy at St. James Cathedral, not that truth matters to your small capacity.

      Do you have friends like you in any number ?

      God forbid.


    • Bean

      Hi, prik. You are the nasty third party. Idiot. Low-life as well.


    • let me get this straight...
      aok is....
      german/irish raised catholic/protestant, then became a jew, taught in the inner city, married an asian, and calls himself conservative.
      maybe aok is really john "kohen" kerry. he has a very similar background, accept instead of teaching in the innner city and marrying an asian, kerry killed asians in cities of vietnam, and married a jewish billionaire.


    • My friend, the Navy destroyer captain turned Hollywood actor turned cantor presided. He blew rhe ram's horn as well.

    • jbw

      maybe you all would like to hear bout de ole Polecat's European wife.Waay bak. We have herd about it fer goin' on three year. Royalty and such. Family/. Big ole inheritance from her family. Braggin and toutin his sfistcashun. you don kno de ole poecat. for real.

      • 3 Replies to aok1903
      • Come now Aok it was only 40 Million Swiss Francs.Why don't you tell us of the only honest job you ever had stocking shelfs in that Fresno liquor store where Pappy Boyington, Bless His Soul, was manager.Or how you became a draft dodger caring for Mom. Check Six

      • Don't know .Dont care.
        Don't think i would invite him for dinner.
        Some one who thinks they are more American than some else is a son-of- a- bitch, in my humble opion.
        i intensely dislike holier than thou attitudes which i some times detect in a few post over here.
        I am but a humble American that is greatful for all the freedoms we have and cherish the same.
        i have[ family has] given to much to this country for some
        citizen by oath to tell me anything.
        I think i have said enough. jim

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