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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Aug 17, 2004 6:44 PM Flag

    Tuesday Miscellaneous

    Once again, the laggard was unable to outperform, although there wasn�t much to outperform with today�s pitiful gain. Even HSP went down. It�s entitled after going straight up since it hit $24.25 a couple weeks ago. Oil prices are taking a little rest on the way to $60. Bring on the solar cars, as long as they are good looking cars. Robert Redford wouldn�t want to be seen in anything ugly. Wonder if Heinz's 8 mansions are solar? He's a "green" isn't he? The Suburbans that Theresa drives don't count.

    Did anybody notice that the liberals on the board didn�t refute any of the facts from yesterday that stated that Dems are hypocrites? They attack the poster with lame attempts at humor, but don�t refute the remarks about the disingenuous Dems.

    Anybody notice the cool temperatures this summer? How can that be? The use of fossil fuels worldwide is at an all time high. Surely the liberal environmentalists didn�t lie to us about global warming as a means of raising funds, did they? Probably all the fossil fuel use has just confused the environment and we are headed towards a new ice age as the militant environmentalists claimed we were 30 years ago.

    Cathy gave me the clap. It wasn�t worth it. Not that good. I was very young and inexperienced at the time, so fortunately, I didn�t get clap of the tongue or throat. But that would probably happen today, so I consider myself fortunate. Did Ponty invent penicillin?

    The market is still going down 1500 points. It just won�t be in one day like Snugly predicted. Snug, you�ve got a great opportunity to dump a little ABT now that the price is up. Remember, it�s the equivalent of close to $43 because of the spin of HSP.

    Ponty. I can use profanity and post about politics because I'm right. You shouldn't be given that leeway, because your liberal ways are the path to a weaker America.

    Have a nice evening, all (including Ponty and Phys).


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    • spec, I like your ideas on alien colonization of earth. That would help explain our quest for travel to space as it doesn't make much sense otherwise to leave the comforts of home. As far as the different facial features, it could just be experimentation & artists' discretion. As Sheldon documented, there is a limited number of distinct body types with precise correlation to psychological and intellectual makeup. It's as if the aliens had a human erector set.Shakespeare understood this.

    • Thanks, Phy. I wonder if investing in one of those adjustable beds that crank up like the ones in the hospital might be good insurance. I agree it's hard to sleep on back. A cranked up bed would make turning over harder too. Maybe we were meant to sleep in trees like ancestral monkeys? How do apes sleep? Cel

    • Cel:
      Medication, not eating foods that you know will cause reflux, not eating anything for 4 to 6 hours before going to bed, sleeping on your back (which I can't do all night0 and raising not only your head but the chest area must also be elevated. There are about 40 million people in the U.S. with GERD. Phy

    • Cel:
      Never had a sore throat and hoarseness was the only symptom.

    • Good, Phy. The consensus needs to be looked at. Like all those years of believing that babies didn't hurt during circumcision!

      I've got gerd too and never smoked, only drink a little wine several times a week. My guess is heredity plays a role. But someone needs to get the word out in a preventative way more than they are now. The cancers you listed like lung ca are not uncommon.

      There are things that can be done about the reflux earlier if one knows about it. Like medication and raising up head of bed. Phy, any ideas what helps? Did you have a sore throat or was hoarsenes first sign? Cel

    • Plute,

      Do you think Ponty is peeping? I think he has you on IGNORE, too. I intend to get back on his good side and he will delete the ignore.

      I am not going to intervene for you.


    • Phy,

      I know I'm a little behind and have missed some posts. Absolutely, you are right, not all suffers with GERD are drinkers and smokers. Young children with respiratory problems may have GERD as the cause, and I might add, sometimes it is undiagnosed, particularly in the very young.


    • Persh:
      I know that is the consensus of opinion but what happened to me? A non-smoker and seldom had more than one or two drinks in a day.

    • Phy,

      The point should be many or even most adults with intractable reflux disease are heavy drinkers and smokers. Most do both. In fact I have read more than once if one smokes 2 or more packs a day there is a 50% chance the patient is an alcoholic or at least drinks to xs.


    • Cel:
      Also, you may add these diseases to list caused by acid reflux. Asthma, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer, cancer of larynx, and esophageal cancer. I think there is even more.

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