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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Aug 26, 2004 6:39 PM Flag

    Thursday Action

    The laggard was down a lot more than the market today. HSP kicked ass.

    The Olstein Fund that I have bought is profitable, even after fees. Remember, we had a grizzly market for a while during that period too. Anybody that bought ABT over the same time period, where it traded at $45 or higher certainly can't say they are profitable. If you wait until Kerry wins the election to sell ABT, it will have already declined 20% in anticipation. Then it's too late and you sit there paralyzed and watch it go painfully down, day after day. I wouldn't want my investing future determined by the results of a 50 - 50 presidential race. One of the reasons ABT has gone up lately is because the articulate, heroic Swift Boat Vets have taken a toll on fraudulent John (I bruised my shoulder - give me a medal) Kerry. But as the percentage of the population that either receives benefits or pays no income taxes increases, they don't care about tax policy and especially don't care about the character of the politicians. Keep the goodies rolling becomes the mantra. Dems win this battle of the goodies.

    Bush pissed me off today saying he's going to sue all the 527's to make them stop the ads. If he hadn't signed the unconstitutional campaign finance reform bill, he wouldn't have this mess, although the mess is helping him because the articulate, heroic Swift Boat Vets are more credible than the vicious liberals who run the 527 ads in favor of the Dems.

    I think the market advance of the past couple weeks was based on the oil price decline we're seeing now. The price decline was discounted in advance. Throw in the Swift Boat Vets damaging the fraudulent John (I've got rice in my ass from my own grenade - give me a medal) Kerry and you've got two mild tailwinds at the back of the market. But it's all discounted now. We need new positives.

    I hate to see a man who gave as much as Max Cleland being used. His bitterness has distorted his vision of reality. He and other pacifists are the wrong people to be leading the country at this time and nobody questions their patriotism. Just their policies and their judgment.

    Snug. TAP has two significant drugs about to hit the market which will more than offset Lupron and Prevacid declines. The price of TAP will be high to get Miles to sell. Miles needs earnings now. Not in 8 years when more in house development will bear fruit.

    The gurus will be saying that the market will pick up steam "after everybody gets back from vacation after Labor Day." They say that every year and it doesn't happen. I'm still wondering if we're in the multi - year trading range that just grinds away. Sure doesn't feel like there's any relief on the horizon.

    Have a good evening.


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