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  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Mar 29, 2005 11:49 AM Flag

    Best Yet to Come for Patient ABT Holder

    JP Morgan upgrade notes bright future for ABT out through 2007-2008. It appears that a new higher range has been established. During most recent sell-off the bottom of the range was $43+. A year ago bottom of range was high $30's. Meanwhile, the divi still beats the money market yield, so patient holders are being paid while waiting for greater capital gains to come. DRIP plan holders will be rewarded.

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    • I think the Ham bun is still around. Biltmore has been refurbished twice in the last 25 years that I've lived here.

      As for Valley of the Sun - it was called that when I moved here in 1980.. The changes I have seen here are mind boggeling though. The growth is amazing - freeways that were 2 lanes are now 8 lanes - we are turning into another Los Angeles. YUCK

      Where my new house is, just 15 years ago was out in the middle of the desert on the way to tube the Salt. I am now surrounded by homes that price from 300K up to 4 million. Every major corner has a shopping center on it.

      The population had quadrupled, most cities are now landlocked, and prices have skyrocketed.

      We are still the valley of the sun - there is just a lot more of it.

      However.. you can't beat the winters here - which is why I stay and why everyone else is moving here.

      Las Vegas is also doing the same thing, btw.


    • LS-I meant your an old-timer if you were in Phoenix before they renamed it Valley of The Sun. I still remember Pinnacle Peak when it was on a dusty road in the desert.Best ham sandwich ever was a hole-in-the-wall in Scottsdale called Mag's Ham Bun.Jordan's was good mex food.Great dining even 50 years ago for snow birds from Chicago.Arizona Biltmore was real class and still is.

    • Plute,

      The Salt River Valley is the area starting in the northern part of the state (up by the rim) where the Salt River Runs south and down into the Phoenix area. The river is now a dry bed, as the Salt River Project (our electric company) has put up damns creating our lakes.

      The river bed (in the phoenix area) only has water in it when it is used for flood control. However, the City of Tempe has turned thier area of it into a lake, called Tempe Town Lake. It is a master planned area surrounded by a major park, several new buildings (office, condos, flats) and is the new yuppie place to live around ASU.

      As for the salt free dieters, I have not heard anything about that here in our local papers.


    • Spec-Your wrong on ABT it was 02-21-02 when I sold @ $57.93.Ponte-Your ABT would be worth >$50 if you counted HSP spin which you missed & divys.VMSI was good pick IBD gives it high marks #21 in IBD 100.PSYS ranked #3 you should like that one too. Spec-BARR-KOSP shootout on Niaspan looks like it should break as too risky for Barr to challenge patent reversal in a year and Niaspan is 2/3 of Kos earnings.Is KOSP a 1-trick pony.I sold PRZ @ $4 but if it drops to <$4 I'd buy.I think it is a trading stock.Is AGEN worth holding for PhIII final decision about Sep 2005?

    • FDG.... Plute,

      I'll sell it all if it goes down further. Made too much money to lose it now. It's splitting 3-1 and will pay well, maybe 10-12% starting June '05 on. We will see. Market not doing well. I hope nothing bad is going to happen.

      Lib needs to sum things up.


    • Snug speakes truth-On 02-21-02 I sold a bundle of ABT @ $57.93 it closed @ $58.Note-Yahoo historical are adjusted for HSP spinoff.I remember Persh sold in late 2001 @ $48 and I said he ejected too soon.Ponte espouses sour grapes as he sold ABT @ $40 last year when Aok,Persh,Spec & Lib were bad-mouthing it. Persh-FRG down $20 from high are you buying? I say LIB AND LET LIB.BTW-I got pony wrong too Psy.LS-Where is Salt River Valley now renamed for salt-free dieting tourists. Aloha

    • Ponty:
      In Apr. of 1999 ABT was at 53. Then, in Dec. of 2000 it hit 57 or 58.

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