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  • pershing832003 pershing832003 Apr 17, 2005 11:43 AM Flag

    Legally Blond

    Have I got some news. Reese Witherspoon (a Nashville native) has moved in down the street with her 2 children and husband. She will be a neighbor. The house is rather modest by some standards, I hear she paid $900K. I live in a gated community with security, a big factor for her plus she wants her children to go to school in Nashville. She has waved at me. But, I did not stop and make a fool out of myself.

    Some riff-raff have been turned back at the gate. No driving slowly by her house.

    My 2 gay buds 2 doors down are planning to have her and her husband over for drinks when the time is right. We talked about it over drinks Fri night.

    Last night I dined with the music crowd. There was a writer there who played in the NFL during the 70's He is beat up and uses a cane. He said he got a $22,000 signing bonus out of college and he was a big-time player. He's trying to write an opera now. These artists have hubris if nothing else. Some health care people. Not a word about SMBI, Plute and Penn.

    The General

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    • Superwoman married rich Jewish lawyer lives in Potomac MD.

    • Kiki:

      Actually, you mean Lynda (with a 'Y') Carter. Yes, she was a babe. So much so, that I recall she played Rita Hayworth in a movie in the mid-80's. Now, THERE was a REAL babe -- and I wasn't even born when she was hot!

      I like lots of old movie actresses. Lizbeth Scott was unbelievably sultry and sexy (a what a voice..), and Jennifer Jones is just pristine pure beauty in 'Portrait of Jennie' with Joseph Cotten. But I confess my all-time favorite remains Ingrid "We'll always have Paris" Bergman. Ahh, what sweet fantasies......

    • Lad

      Do you remember Linda Carter, Wonder Woman? Whatever happened to her, she was my type of woman fer sherr. Melanie Griffith came in second.

      Aloha! Kiki

    • Those people cannot understand a warrior;
      They are -have been the same mind set since Adam& Eve

    • Jane shouda been hung

    • So-tell-me-You are stupid.If you went to National War College at Ft McNair like I did you will learn the objective is to avoid war at all costs.What did you expect me to do work for the Salvation Army after a Navy career? And officers don't re-enlist every 4 yrs you resign or retire and I liked flying.OK Ponte I was wrong your bride was not a bad lay.....she was a good lay! GFY

    • Whether the war in Vietnam was either right or wrong can be debated forever. But, without our intervention, perhaps the entire southeast Asia region would have been conquered by the North Vietnamese. Yes, I know Loas and Cambodia also went commie, but where would we be now if more would have, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

      Also, if war is so bad in your mind, why did you continue to re-enlist? You can never predict the future of when there could be a war.


    • abbott:
      The Detroit incident was in the 80's and didn't get a lot of national news. Back then there was all of these cable station and a lot of local news stayed local. Today, it would be all over everywhere. Then, there was the mother who killed her 3 kids with a 22 rifle as they came home from school. The oldest girl was a senior and I had her in class. A straight A student. The next was a 10th grader and he was in my biology class the first hour in the morning. The next was a 7th grader who I didn't know. The 7th grader was killed first, and then the 10th grader and when Cynthia came home she opened the door and saw her two brothers and she ran. She had stayed after school as she was in the band. Her mother shot her in the back as she ran down the breezeway. She was then going to kill herself but chickened out. She was quite religious and she didn't want her children growing in such an awful world. I didn't find out about the shooting until the next morning during 1st. I took attendance and then I had a lab for that day. Rhodie Saad came up to my desk and whispered to me, "They are all dead." I didn't know what she was talking about. And, then she told me and I became numb. I had just marked the boy absent for the day. Later, the house went on the market but nobody would buy it. The price kept dropping and people would ask why the house was so cheap. When they were told that this was where the 3 children were killed they would just walk away.

    • Fonda's actions during the war will continue to be unforgivable. Who will ever forget the picture of her "manning" an anti-aircraft gun?

      One question, if you are so much against war, why did you go to work in the Pentagon after you retired from the Navy?


    • Plute,
      I had friends and relatives among the dead and wounded in Vietnam. I was lucky enough to have a high draft lottery number. Too many armchair patriots, IMO.

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