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  • abtguru abtguru May 6, 2005 10:04 AM Flag

    Just don't like 50

    Relax dude. I am very informed. ABT has been just fine, but I don't like the fact that right before the decree, there were many mid-managers running around telling the little guy that things were fine and there would be no problems. Many of those "smaller" individuals wanted to move their money out of ABT stock, but felt like management knew what was going on and trusted them on their word.

    Hence, they stayed in in ABT rather then sell and move to cash or another type of investment. How could upper management explain a massive exit of stock from 401k plans? Little did we know that the higher ups were selling. If you check the filings, some big, higher ups, made some transactions right before the titanic hit the iceberg. What is amazing to me is they survived it without being sued and losing their jobs.

    My point is they deceived many of us at the bottom, thus morale dropped throughout the company. Very selfish move as they will never have trust again. They will get the performance of a 3 legged horse. I can guarantee you that there are still 1 of 4 treading water, not working one bit more then they need to for these guys. NEVER lose trust.

    Like I said, I couldn't care less. My outlook is 20 years. But I would have done a nice little parlay if I trusted my instincts and not the words of management. And that has cost me 3 years at 0% growth!!!!!

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