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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 May 25, 2005 4:08 PM Flag

    Spec I'm Sure Lib Can Explain

    If not Aok has the answer he told me year ago that's the way NFI raises money to pay divys.But this time it dilutes the common not preferred.Who do they think they are, PRZ? Ortho-Saw that GENZ grow your own cartilage on CNBC, my orthopod says it is hype.Persh-Beware of Greeks bearing gifts! Most sneakiest thing in the world is a Greek wearing tennis shoes! Check 6

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    • Plute....

      The GENZ cartilage repair is not hype. Its been around for at least 10+ yrs. But it is not for everyone. Surgeon takes a piece of your cartilage and they grow it into a larger piece in the lab. Surgeon creates what is known as focal defects in the meniscus and then implants the newly grown cartilage that interweaves with your meniscal tissue to form a new meniscal bearing surface.

      It works best on young athletes. Again highly patient dependent, but results are 60-75%. For ole farts like you and I, you've already damaged your meniscus beyond the realm of potentially successful biological repair. Either a get a new knee or use the delaying tactic of hyaluronic acid injections(synvisc, orthovisc hyalagan, etc) can lubricate the joint bearing surfaces and reduce pain of bone on bone friction and wear.


      PS: Bet you wished you stayed in on GENZ, has appreciated nicely from that 19 figure we both got in at.

    • Plute

      "Right On Spec"

      How silly could you get ?

      Squirming man, but I love you none-the-less. What more could you say ?

      I think that we will be taking Aunt Beverly to Seascape next Tuesday through Thursday.

      People are here.


    • Right On Spec, I do not wish anyone on this MB "misfortune" but some take my posts the unintended way.I had an old friend been telling me years ago BUY ELAN believe it was $35 then and just before it crashed he sold all @ $26,bot back <$6.It's all gambling like John McCain's love for shooting crap.NEW YORKER says he loves to stand at tables in Vegas from 10AM-Midnight.Think may hurt him when he tries to get GOP Prez nomination,but who else? Frist is colorless never make it.Hillary-Obama are a threat on Get Out of Iraq theme.Need to sell before 2008.

    • Spec

      Typically unbecoming of late.


    • Spec

      I admired your grace when the boom hit on ELN. Be glad that you have H as a co-owner.


    • Spec,

      Get back to me on NFI in 3 years. We'll see who lost money. I'm going to explain this REEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLL slow. Listen carefully. Very carefully. NFI is a REIT. REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. REITs have to pay out 90% of their earnings to shareholders. If they pay out less than that, they lose REIT status. Anything between 90% and 100% that they don't pay, they pay an income tax on. NFI pays out 100% of its earnings. Now, think REEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLL hard. How much does that leave them to grow their business? The answer is that it leaves ZERO. So they raise capital in the markets. EVERY investor in REITs knows this. So when they raise capital, it is factored in to the share price already. They could stop going to the markets for more equity. Do you know how? I'll tell you how. They wouldn't have to go to the capital markets anymore if they stopped growing their business and stopped securitizing mortgages. That's the only way the "They sell stock to pay the dividend" crowd will ever shut the fuck up about it. Then they'll cry because there's not growth.

      Lousy market today. All my funds were down. We were due for a down day. We'll probably have more. Markets usually consolidate and go down a little before moving back up. The big question is, will it go up? I have no clue. GOOG and nuke funds rule.


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      • So what's to stop them from paying out less than 90% of their profits? Why not cut their dividend payment to maybe 2-4% of profits, keep the rest to lend out instead of having to keep borrowing which dilutes the share price and pay taxes on the profit. They would be ahead of the game wouldn't they? Sounds like what you describe is the dreaded pyramid game.


    • Mr. Pluto Ponzi

      I have an aircraft carrier to sell you.

      Spec would not listen to the explanantion of the foremost expert on mortgage reits in the U.S, but as usuall, Lib will kindly, if foolishly, oblige him and you.

      Huh John can carry the bags. Dolt that he is.

      Best of luck with investing to all !


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