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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Jun 16, 2005 4:18 PM Flag

    Welcome Back Phys!

    Somehow the MB survived w/o you but what I want to know would you ever return to Russia? If you have never seen a Hawaiian sunrise from Kauai or sunset from Kona Coast,I assure you it better than any museums.I never hire guides anywhere and I get better feel of life as people live it every day.BTW-Persh has written:"Kilroy Was Here>" at the Hermitage in Nashville too.Kona Mo Betta. Aloha

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    • Welcome back Phys.....

      I just looked at the Star Princess bridge cam...they are in Helsinki now. Must have been fun.


    • Persh,
      When my nephew was in the army at Munich, we spent 23 days using his car driving aound Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. He retired in 2000 and has lived in Frankfurt ever since. Come to think of it he owns a house in Nashville.
      The cruise line was the Princess and the ship was the Star.

    • Phy,

      The only practical way to see the Baltic is on a cruise and some guided tours are necessary. You cannot travel from one country to another, see the sights and not do it your way, at least if you have only a limited time frame and budget like most of us. Also, the cruise allows one to just pack and unpack once.

      Traveling in France/Germany etc is fine on your own; you can see a lot in 10-14 days.

      Cruising is relatively inexpensive for what you get. Did you mention your ship and cruise line?

      I liked Estonia, BTW. Had a wonderful lunch at the square in Tallinin (?)


    • Plute,
      We ate dinner with a couple from NZ. They said the best way was to rent a camper and drive around on your own. They lived on the North Island about half way up the coast.

    • Phy-You will love NZ,do not overlook the South Island Christ Church,Napier,Wellington and try the Mitford Trek a real challenge.BTW-Tell Ponte he missed my earlier post when I was first to comment on NO GUIDES.It is more fun to do your own research and pick your sights.In Napier drink Sauvignon Blanc with your Orange Roughy.Persh getting a bit testy in his old age I see.Gone Swimming. Plute

    • Plute,
      Yes, it is nice to be back in the U.S.A. but I liked all the countries I was in. Every guide had to make a joke about a neighboring country. The guide in Sweden said that people in the Scandiavian countries could understand each other but none could understand the Finns. In fact no one could understand them and for the most part they couldn't understand each other. We should have Ponte expound on the Swedish shipbuilding. Before you begin Ponte remember the Vassa. That was the greatest war ship ever built back in the 1600's. It took 5 or 6 years to build but only 10 minutes sailing time to sink. When the first puff of wind hit it, the ship turned over and sank like a lead balloon. They raised it from the harbor 300 years later in 1961.
      Next trip may be to New Zeland.

    • Phy-Your confusing it with Ishpeming.Swiss speak 4 languages German,Italian,French & Romansch which is in the Engadine,capital is Chur.I am shocked that you thought Finland was Scandanavian,Finns speak a language stemming from Hungarians.Tell us how good it feels to be home.Where is your next trip?

    • Plute,
      One can't begin to learn about a country by spending one or two days there. To really know a country one should live there at least a year and probably 5 or 10 years. Now, with 253 countries in the world a tour guide for 1 or 2 days is about the best that can be done.

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      • Phy-I have no desire to tour 253 countries and in addition to the Greatest Country in The World the USA I would rank the following as countries I would return to [no tour guides required]: Switzerland,Italy,England,Australia,New Zealand,Japan,Hong Kong,Canada,Mexico,Denmark,Norway & Portugal..The rest do not interest me.As for Detroit have not been there in 50 years and never missed it.No place like home.I bet you were happy to return where you can run thru the streets at 0300 w/o getting shot....can't do that in Deetroit I bet. BTW-You ever been to Canyonlands in Utah? Very unique no tour guides required.Cheers

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