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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Jun 24, 2005 7:15 PM Flag


    Iraq will require U.S.troops forever as we must keep a toehold in the Middle East or Saudi Arabia will fall and we lose 50% of oil imports.These are dangerous times as public sentiment will grow for troop withdrawals and first Democratic President probably Hillary will win on BRING THE BOYS BACK NOW.We must reduce dependency on Middle East oil ASAP.

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    • How boring ! You've got to go out fighting. You came in fighting. You go out that way. Ask Persh.

      Honestly, I can take it. I am out of pharma.

    • aok,
      I don't think I would rub it in. I would take no pleasure in that. I came in with nothing and I will be going out with nothing.

    • Phy

      You will have a ball rubbing it in. More power to you. Watch your wallet, particularly pharma though. Forwarned means dump them within the next six months or so.

      It'll be a ripper, and the words will fly like bullets at them.


    • aok,
      Go Hillary Go. We love you here in FL.

    • The South is forever gone as a practical political matter for Liberals. However, Hillary and company only need to win California, New York and Florida in order to be a lock, and guess what ? That is why the she-devil has moderated her tone. Florida ! Plute better watch the Abt kitty !

    • You are right. That is an excellent description of class in America. I believe it is closed to many who are smart and successful but with colored skin. The dusky and the yellow can find happiness and success but will have trouble at the upper rungs or lower upper rungs of society though they are not actively shunned.

      It is way more complicated than that, but Warner's study is the comprehensive one and the most accurate. There are sub-strata within the classes and separate classes for the races which are really interesting. One can't be a writer or an historian or a literate commenatator without the understanding of these things, all of which are denied in our institutions of higher learning because they are not PC.

      I have an unusual perspective because Mom was from Class I, and Dad rose from Class V to Class II. That makes me a lucky guy who likes to be profane and give hell to the likes of Plute.

    • The board has narrow, short term views it seems to me. Some are concerned with good sense, ie, good sense for the moment, but not for the long haul.


    • Plute

      Let's send all the American Jews fight THEIR war in Iraq for crying out loud.

      Bonjour! Kiki

    • Bush and the Neocons he listened to broke it, now they bought it. We'll be there through the rest of his term. He will be regarded by history in the same way as Lyndon Johnson for escalating Viet Nam, except while Johnson is regarded as a cunning perpetrator, Bush will be regarded as a blundering fool. (Notice how history fails to fault Kennedy or Eisenhower for their blunders that resulted in that "crazy Asian war".)
      It is very likely that the Public will be so fed up with the Iraq quagmire by the 2006 congressional elections that Dems will make surprising gains. By 2008 just about any Dem would win Presidency, and afterward the Dems will control Congress as well.
      I couldn't disagree with Persh more. Pax Britanica was a great mistake. It spelled the end of Britain's dominance as a World economic power as that nation was forced to expend its resources being the World's policeman. Shouldn't we learn from lessons of the past so that we will not have to repeat them? I guess I know the answer to that, as Americans forgot the lesson of Viet Nam, and listened to the Country Music stars and Neocon pitchmen in their jingoistic zealousness toward war with Iraq.

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      • Snug,

        I have heard this doom and gloom for 50 yrs. The Club of Rome said life as we know it was ending and oil would run out in 10 yrs. That was 1950. The DJI was 600 in 1965. Yes, England has lost it's power but Anglo-Saxons and the West will continue to rule the globe.

        Japan was going to takeover the west coast; instead they got fleeced. Now its China and next India. Unocal is going to be bought... NPR was having a damn fit this AM.

        Some may find this pol'ly inc't but it's the way things are.

        Plute/somebody is right. There is going to be a privileged upper class in this country, based on education at the right schools, white skin and money. It may not be pretty but that's the way it's headed.

        The General

    • Looking at the odds... Las Vegas has HRC as a 7-2 favorite to win the presidency in '08. Plute, the stealth liberal, should like that.

      The American Imperium is here and we should be prepared to preserve world peace and order. The British did it to everyone's benefit. It is our turn. The liberals do not have the spine for the job. As much as I am dismayed by GOP shennanigans it is still our duty and the right mangages this sort of tough job far better.

      The General

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      • Persh-You got that wrong I have never been a liberal but I oppose all wars unless they are to protect our country.The key to the GOP platform in 2008 is to prove we are keeping terrorists at bay by price we pay for 1000 troops/year dying in Iraq.America's 18-25 yr olds w/o jobs will join the Army but will not re-enlist.It is not a Remember Pearl Harbor type of war.I see no way out but to pay the price.ITMT forget challenging China & North Korea we cannot afford another war in Asia.Taiwan will make concessions to China like Hong Kong and survive as independent state promoting China trade.World has changed and not for the better.

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