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  • physalia2000 physalia2000 Jul 17, 2005 9:26 PM Flag


    Not to change the subject but: Isn't Maine a strange State. Does any news ever come of that State? If so I don't ever hear any.I hear news from all the other states but never anything from Maine. I was told that the people there are very clanish. If someone moves to Maine from another State that they are never really accepted. Do the people born in Maine live their whole life there? I took a vacation to Maine once and the people seemed normal but I was only in the tourist areas. Camden really seemed like a nice place. I have never known anyone who lived in Maine. I have lived in FL for 12 years and have met people from every state east of the Miss. except Maine. I see more cars with Alaska license plates and I do Maine. Don't those people ever go on vacation, and, if so where do they go? I think that at sometime every State in the U.S. has been mentioned on this MB except Maine.

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