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  • physalia2000 physalia2000 Jul 28, 2005 4:54 PM Flag

    Not only at Abbott — LS

    My EKG always shows some kind of irregularity. Once it said an irregular irregularity, plus bundle branch block and something else. Almost everyone over 50 has one of these things and I forget which. Coffee can cause an irregularity. One pill of torpol caused by heart to slow to 36 beats per minute for almost 48 hours. There were times it wouldn't beat for 3 or more seconds. As I tell my wife jogging cures everything.

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    • Phy-If I were you I'd quit jogging at 0400 and swim in that lake with gators to take your mind off your heart beat.LS-Don't know what operation you are having but we all wish you a fast recovery.Did you go up to Flagstaff to escape the heat? Cheers

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      • Plute.

        I went up to Forrest Lakes - which is a community east and a little north of Peyson - on the Rim. It's very close to Woods Canyon Lake and about 45 miles west and a little north of Pinetop/Showlow area. Very nice COOL weather - but the 8000 ft altitude took a bit to get used to.

        As for my surgery - I'm have laproscopic gastric bypass.


      • Plute,
        I do worry about things that I shouldn't but one of them isn't my heart. People who have a high heart rate and those whose rate doesn't come down very fast after exercise are the ones who should worry. When I was in my 40's,
        during the summer, I would go to the track at 5:00 P.M. and stay until 9:00 or 10:00. I remember once I ran 30 repeat 400 meters. I would get my heart rate up to an estimated 250 a min. but it would drop to about 120 within in 2 minutes. LS I said those astronauts shouldn't have gone up in the shuttle and I say you will be just fine. At one time I knew in advance things that would come true before the event, and then I got the wise idea to make a bet on this and I lost. It was then I knew that I shouldn't try to make money on this. Never happened again. Eerie. About a month ago I did have a dream come true, but with all the dreams that I have had in my life, I think the law of average would let one come true.

      • Plute,

        I bet once across that lake would take care of Phy's exercise for the rest of the summer.


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