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  • keekefretter keekefretter Jul 27, 2005 11:47 PM Flag

    Not only at Abbott — LS


    For Anton Polezhayev, a promising violonist with a few midlevel competition victories under his belt, winning a coveted seat at the NY Philarmonic at the tender age of 26 was deeply fulfilling.

    But he says, as the month of his probationary period (!)went on, he watched a parade of seven violonists win permanent jobs or march past him in the section. They all had one thing in common: they were FEMALE WOMEN fer sherr (from a NYT article).

    The story then goes on at nauseam with interviews of the NY Philarmonic nomenclatura, all FEMALE WOMEN BTW, giving rationale commensurate with their seemingly low IQ's indeed.

    I wonder what our female-woman-MB-resident LS has to say about this. And the same has been going at Abbott since womanish Myles took the helm of the company from what i've heard: the laggard's price surely reflects on the success of his policy, doesn't it!

    My guess is that only a sex change operation can salvage Anton's musician career, LS will confirm this.

    Something to ponder! Kiki

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    • Thank you Cel and everyone else here. I just got back from the cardiac stress test and from what was seen.. all is A-OK and a go for surgery!! YEA

      I'm thinking I will start a journal of my experiences of this surgery and it's success as the months go by. I'll definately keep you all informed as well.

      Again, thanks for all well wishes. And for Cat - you are in my prayers too g/f..

      Hugzzzzzz to all


    • LS,

      I'll be thinking good thoughts for you next week and know your positive attitude will get you through. It's pretty cool that you scheduled it for summer too...nice to stay indoors in a/c. One of my bridge friends had the lap. gall bladder surgery and reported she felt good enough to leave the house within 3 days...amazing. Of course, you are doing two "birds" with one stone so not quite the same but still the lesser invasive technique... Pls keep us posted...It's clear that the board posters care and you will be in thoughts and prayers. Cel

    • LS,

      My thoughts and prayers are with you. As you know I've recently been contending with my own health issues. This is crap.... I'm way too young for this and so are you!!!

      Hang in there g/f and best of luck!!!


    • Persh,
      Might be dark. Hell yes it is going to be dark. If it was daylight there would be police waiting for me on the other side. Remember, there is no swimming.

    • Persh,
      I am really impressed that you will feel bad if something happens to me. How do you think I will feel? Never thought about snakes but I don't think there are any in there. I am going to do it. I am not telling my wife.

    • Phy,

      I'm not sure that's such a good idea. First, it might be dark and that's when they hunt. If you were eaten by a gator I'd feel real bad.

      Your bud, Persh

    • Phy, you're scaring me. Be careful! Or, be young, be foolish & be happy. Ray whitley wrote that & lots of tunes for The Drifters.

    • They use 7-8 "holes" in which they insert the instruments and other "tools" in which to do the surgery. Apparently, it is the newest and best technique for several surgeries these days. My ex's gall bladder was done that way 2 years ago. They are also removing mine (gall bladder) at the same time as I apparently have some very large stones.

      The surgeon that is doing mine did his surgical residency at Mayo's in Rochester. He also did a 6 year "fellowship" for the FDA on laproscopic surgery. His main focus is laproscopic and robotics surguries, and has done over 1000 of the gastric bypasses like this. His name is Alex Vellares if you have a way to look him up. His office is in Phoenix at St. Lukes Hospital.


    • Phy-Bet you got water snakes in that lake too.Never forgot my swim off Bataan when we took Captain's Gig [I was an Ensign] all of us felt no pain drinking San Miguel in hot sun and got ready to dive in crystal clear bay about 20' deep until I saw the biggest snake ever rippling along the shore.One guy says,hell with it and dives in,6 of us followed but I kept my eye on that shoreline where that big snake lived.Ever see the movie Anaconda?

    • I suspect there are a number of reasons for this. One being EEOC standards. In fact, if you are non-white femaile, your chances are higher of being hired. However, I am not sure if this applies to the concert orchestra or just to business in general.

      As for musicians, (being one myself) I do think women are probably better at it. I say this because when you listen to really GOOD music, you can hear the emotion put into the piece - and I think women are far better at displaying emotions than men are. I would think this would ebb into the musical arena as well. This is NOT to say that male musicians are inferior - just probably more technical as opposed to the emotion they put into thier performance.

      As for me.. I just got back from 5 days in the mountains only to find out that my EKG showed some sort of irregularity during my Cardiac Clearance Exam for this surgery. So.. today I had a Echocardiogram and tomorrow is an a Cardiac Stress Test and blood work for a Metobalic Panel. Hopefully all of this will get back to the Heart Doc and all will be fine and I'll be cleared for Wednesday's surgery.


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