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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Jul 31, 2005 7:39 AM Flag

    ENN EFF EYE Concerns

    Now I'm really worried with Lib quit reading NFI MB,No special divy in 2005,Aok posting tax rates and Greenie determined to raise interest rates to 4 3/4 before he leaves.Only good news was Ponte paying 50% Income Tax.Can't wait until I read tomorrow's Membrane Street Journal.Gone swimming.

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    • weB

      That machine has a button that resets everything to the original state. I had good service support with CDW in the past, it's just that my desktop got too old for their new employees to know anything about.

      Check 6! Kiki

    • A wave hits the beach and dissipates...
      I'll take the Moon, anyday, anytime, anywhere...
      Something to anticipate...


    • I'd be pulling up in a boat too, my days of rollings on the run with a bun are long over. Funny though, when we moved here my sister in law tagged along. Wondering what to do I kept telling her (jokingly) she should buy a dog truck and pop it up here and there... "Bikini Weinies" the hoosiers here would love it, and she could take the Winters off. She finally buckled down and got on with life the right way.

      I've been busy too doing a whole lot of nothing. Every day is a summer Saturday. Aaaaaaah the life. I'm headed south tomorrow p.m. to pick up my kids from Little River and spend a few days golfing and stuff, I'll wave if I see you, or maybe I'll moon you instead.

      Miss our chats, hope all is well.

    • There is an overweight Blonde Dude that has worked there for years... A bit on the heavy side, but he makes one hellofa sloppy Joe...

      If I was about 10 years older, I would consider buying a Sam's Corner Franchise and sticking it on the North End of the Lake... I'd have Hotties like you roller blade down to the dock to service the crowds on their boats...

      Maybe I should just open a "Water Weiners" and compete with Sam's...?

      I hope you are doing okay... I have been as busy as a one-armed wall-paper hanger in an International Seamless paper put'er contest...


    • Gosh, I re-read this last posting of mine and it looks like one of Plutes or AOK's.
      I am still going to go.


    • Greens,
      I talked to web offline and knew he was taking time away from the MB, you just seemed to have disappeared. I now know why, and boy are they some good reasons.
      I am heading south myself in a couple of weeks, to the cabin in Gatlinburg, staying at an Irish B&B at the top of Skyline drive first night and then heading all the way down via Skyline and Blueridge Pkwy.
      I have been told the lap top is not coming along, hee hee


    • again... dammit.. golf, golf, GOLF.

      Apprently I've forgotten where the "f" key is in my absence.

    • gold lessons too... damn fingers I need a manicure.

    • ME... what about Web.

      I've been having a great summer, vacationed in St. John for a bit and had a great time with the kids and old man. I LOVE to snorkel. Heading to the Carolinas this weekend to pick up my kids from Gram and Pops. After a week of gold lessons with the pro, putt putt, more beach, and ice cream every night, I'm sure they are aching to get back home to start school... NOT... Oh well, it must done. Hope everyone here is doing well too... and prayers to LS.

    • Green,
      What it takes to some people to come out of the woodwork. Where ya been, good to see that picture again.

      Hope you are doing well,


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