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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Aug 14, 2005 6:25 AM Flag


    Welcome back LS,you need to send a photo in 6-months of you & Cat belly dancing.Phy-All I know is aphids are good for my roses.Botswana Crazy,only time I ever heard of Botswana is at exercise club where very athletic 40-yr old & odd male Swede said his wife is from Botswana as he was wearing a Botswana Tee-shirt.I asked him about Gund,he said he prefers Botswana to Gund but likes Stockholm better,I think his wife is a Botswana Embassy type,think she is black? See why Aok left Fresno,it was 101 and only 99 in Vegas but MGM has free air.Lib-I need advice on NFI,my gut feel was right I should have sold @ >$41 instead of waiting for that $1.40 divy,penny-wise & pound foolish.Ponte-Bank Dick was very funny but Black Pussy Cat Bar was always Off-Limits for Navy guys in SFO [It was in North Beach opened with Carol Doda topless,then top & bottom-less.Original Bank Dick was WC Field [Persh, was he related?] and Ponte when your Ladies-in-Waiting return from shopping remember WC Field's great line:"Everybody must believe in something....I believe I'll have another drink." Check 6

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    • Lib,
      As you know I don't agree with you on a lot of things, but you stick to the economy and stocks, and these seem to be things that you are well informed about. Probably, what we all should do.
      Good Luck

    • Phys,

      I'm going to like it too. I don't care what the experts say about leverage and using other peoples' money. No more leverage for Lib.

      The board has gotten a bit petty. They ran me off the NFI board for not agreeing word for word with board mantra. I'm not sure they ran me off, but I'm not going back after this morning's post. They probably did, but who needs to know? I had an argument with Bovine, who has been wrong on every prediction he's ever made and thinks he can read the minds of management. He knows the company and their business, but his estimates of how they will pay the dividend and how many secondary shares they will have to issue are ALWAYS wrong and wrong by a lot. He figures if he shouts people down, it makes him right. So I come over here and see this silliness. Maybe I should find a real hobby instead of reading these boards. I think I've got some porn sitting around the house. I could watch that if the tapes still work. They are pretty worn out from being watched many times.


    • Plute,
      You would be wise not to take a sick cat to me, as I am not a vet.

    • Persh-Reason I said GB was a few years ago a neighbor & wife went on an African Safari got loaded with series of immunization.When they got to Kenya,man experienced paralysis with other symptoms.He was rushed to Rome and later flown home to Virginia.He was about 50 died in the hospital about 3-wks later,they diagnosed as GB brought about by heavy immunizations before trip.BTW-I don't think I'd take a sick cat to Phy for diagnosis.Think he is implying Mercury poisoning.

    • Phy,

      I mentioned Guillian Barre' initially. Plute, that's good; remember the swine flu vaccine and GB. Also I mentioned obtaining a Hx to rule out toxins, that is, heavy metals etc, though the sudden onset in a previously healthy female is strongly against it.

      If this girl is undiagnosed I would be surprised. For example she might have a transverse myelitis, for example, and the family was told we don't know what causes it. So, now she is considered "undiagnosed."

      Phy, what you should have asked for is a "differential diagnosis." A diagnostic listing and usually the most common first.... which I gave you. But, you said I must have "help."

      Phy, you have almost struck out, Persh

    • Kiki,
      Nothing is made up. I didn't say the disease didn't have a name, I just said that doctors still hadn't diagnosed it 4 years or thereabouts after she woke up paralyzed.

    • Plute,

      You should have bought NFI for the long term. You hold ABT forever and ever, even when its price gets cut in half and you say ABT is safe because it pays a nice 2 1/2% divvy. Griz and I have always told you NFI would be volatile. In the past year it's traded between $32 and $58. It will again. In the meantime, you get paid to wait. If you think you can time it, you're right, you should have sold at $41. If you can't time it, you sit and wait for it to go way up, all the while being paid nicely. Plute, remember GENZ.

      They will earn more money this year than last year and more money next year than this year. There will be alarge special dividend in September. It's unavoidable if they don't raise the quarterly. The law requires it. Is that the kind of stock you want to sell? It's up to you.


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      • Lib,

        What sticks in my mind was cash was always tight due to the expanding business. So in order to pay the divs, secondary offerings were necessary to generate divvy cash as well as grow the biz.

        So the secondaries dilute ownership, stock price drops, you get a big divvy which is camcelled out by the price drop. So you get a capital loss you can't take because you're holding forever, and a dividend payment you pay taxes on.

        Seems I would need appreciating stock price as well as good divvys, like back in the good old days, for me to be interested now. Thst situation does exist now in the energy field, although it's had a helluva run already.

        I'm waiting for short term rates to peak, I don't think we're there yet.

        Still a stock timer (not a market timer),


        PS Just say no to kool-aid.

      • Lib-I did buy NFI for LT but with such volitilty it appears predictable to trade generally BEFORE exdiv and BUYBACK after it pays $1.40 div @ $34 getting ST gain of $7.00 - $1.40= $5.60 ST Profit.Are not REIT divys taxed at higher rate? NFI much easier to predict than Mother Abbott but thanks for the advice.Kiki-Would you BUY NFI @ $34?

    • Plute,
      How could I hit below the belt after this? So, aphids are good for your roses. By any chance do you just like looking at thorns?

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