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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Aug 27, 2005 1:44 PM Flag

    Saturday Potpourri

    I hate weekends no market action so I went food shopping at gourmet food store where you must wait to order the exotic deli items but does make for good conversation if right folks are nearby.As I walked in I noticed this attractive 40ish blonde ordering some of my favorite Italian meats and complained on no Genoa Salami.Being the worldly debonair gentleman that I am I commented: "Try the Sweet Sopprasatta it is better,but must be sliced very thin and laid out properly." Counter man gave us both a sample.She loved it.Conversation continued as we shared sample pasta.Somehow conversation got to cats [but I must admit I had pussies in mind].So happens she's running a fund raiser wine & cheese for Rescue & Adoption of cats.She gave me her card and when I commented on my favorite little Italian Trattoria, she said she lives nearby.Now Persh,Lib,Kiki what do I do next she would love to see me again at wine & cheese party.Told wife I met a good-looking single sophisticated women this morning who we really hit it off with.What do I do? Read NFI MB and figure anybody as smart as HHill can't go wrong on NFI.See where NFI MB not as tolerant as ours,Etberth ordered Aok to stop posting Irish poetry drivel at 0200 AM.No wonder Aok has insomina with 24,000 sh NFI.With only 2000 sh I had nightmares seeing Spec saying: SELL,SELL,SELL.But consolation came when I realized Greenie's wife's favorite is ABT. Really don't think it is the end of the world but you can see it on the horizon. Check 6

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    • now THAT's funny.

    • In the one I watched this week, the first I believe, the one boat spent 12 hours going out to rescue the squalled boat. Lost. Amazing, then they caught halibut which they had caught instead of crab with which they baited the baskets for a change of luck...then full baskets. Maybe the best TV I have ever seen. Who needs fiction ?

    • Aok,

      I've seen it. It truly is amazing. Many of those fishermen are killed. They work under such horrible conditions as they go out in the winter..ugh.

      I like salmon fishing, and halibut. The conditions aren't as nasty. And they taste good too..that's a bonus.


    • <<Seems with those nasties NFI may be doomed to fail.I may have to eject before it falls to $28 again>>


      Why do you worry about it falling? It's going to be much higher years from now, so stop obsessing about the daily trading. You cannot trade this, Plute. You will screw it up.


    • I understand the fundamentals of the company, and if I don't know something, I can always find out, but like H says, in order to own a pharma, one does not need to know the particulars of the science. How many abt holders could name the top ten Abt products ? Not many. BTW Abt is too big to be played like NFI except by government/courts litigation/legislation. There is also the element of greed. A 20% yield which NFI actually has on forward dividends is pretty compelling. That builds a pretty strong base in this area which made your purchase at 34 a stroke of great, dumb luck.

      The poetry is to fight the pall of the nastiness. Humor, too.

    • "behind the facade

      He is quite direct about it. He is a writer with multiple talents beside that. My guess mostly in a broad range of the "arts". He just finished a fiction novel about this ordeal, and he's working on the completion of a non-fiction book which is more problematic because it's hard to simplify because it is an enormously sophisticated, complicated hustle. NFI isn't easy, either.

    • OK AOK- I'm sorry for single-handedly causing the crash from $58 to $28,I promise not to do it again if you get it back to $58.Funny,I remember when ABT fell from $58 to $28 too.Which is safer investment now,NFI or ABT? Tell us what Dirty does "behind the facade" hope it is not dirty.Ciao

    • Plute,

      Nice story. Tell that good looking aristocratic honey that you know a used car salesman in Gurnee that would show her a good time. I had insomnia last night too, but not because of NFI. It was from drinking about 5 Diet Cokes yesterday.

      Spec has very little, if any, credibility on NFI, but when he posted about a dividend decrease as a possibility, he made a fool of himself. He is not qualified to comment on the cult stock. He would make a very bad cult member. There will be dividend cuts in the sector. But not NFI.

      An interview in "Barron's" this morning has a very low growth rate for the market for years to come. The guy says P/E's are not low enough to allow for rapid stock price growth.

      We're still in a trading range we've been in for 5 years. It may go on a long time. Ouch. But I feel the cult stock will be my savior.


    • WC,

      You need to finish the chapter for Plute here, he's struggling a bit with this story.


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