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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Sep 29, 2005 11:17 AM Flag

    It is Unanimous!

    Persh-At least we agree on one thing, Ponte is a pain-in-the-ass.Aok ran a close 2nd. Bart Stupak is Wealthy's Yooper Congressman from Escanaba an Ex-State Cop. I do believe Katrina will not effect pharmas.May be time to BUY WMT.SWN has soared any other Nat Gas picks?

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    • I think it's between Pusslips and Clit Ridge...

      I have been there a couple of times... Nice area... Humid...


    • Kiki-You sure been around from cook to bottle washer. I went to High Wycombe, RAF HQ outside London to explain to them how we detect a Soviet missile launch with IR satellites and then get dual phenomenolgy of the launch from the Brits Fylingsdale radars in the Yorkshire Moors.A great hospitable bunch gave me VIP treatment complete with Batman to shine shoes and place pot of hot tea outside my suite in morning.I was great throwing darts in the RAF pub and never lost a pint all night.Finally,one Brit after I drank about 8 pints of warm bitters asked:"Well,Yank what do you think of our beer?" I told him:"Frankly,I think you should pour it back in the horse." Great trip and to think I got paid for it. They showed me the command center HQ with a pit moving ships & aircraft across English Channel.I felt I was in WWII and could hear the Spitfires engaging the Fokkers and those Germans were real fokkers [old joke I won't repeat but the Brits loved it and my Yank humor]. Cherrio

    • Pluto

      I have a NG pick for you, just don't tell anybody else. ABP...ask Persh and AOK what they think about it.


      Where are you going in the Bahamas?

      Gasoline here is $4/gallon, no taxes. Our electricity comes from diesel generators. I just paid an electric bill for a 1200 sf house, no A/C, $120. Darn near killed me.

      Propane, booze and property taxes are still a good deal here..Property taxes only $70/year and a case of Heineken is $19.


    • Cramer said buy WMT last night. I can't stand it. SWN is selling at 46 X earnings, BTW. Way too much.


    • Plute,

      Buy some ECA and get NG, oil and tar sands. It may be on its way to a second split.

      Buy quality, why take a chance?


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