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  • webcre8tor webcre8tor Sep 30, 2005 5:54 PM Flag

    AoK: Web Jr...

    Web Jr. says he wants to be an architect... He has the mathematical apptitude, the design talent, and the drive to go through the gut-wrenching process...

    I don't know if he has the ballz to eat, drink, dream, and $hit design though for 4 to 6 years... At 18, I am sure he has a lot on his mind...

    Most of the time we talk about how many chicks he has wrapped around his finger and the family secrets on pu$$ acquisition...


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    • When are you just going to face up to the fact that you love us all dearly and cannot survive without the daily banter...

      Be honest with yourself and you will be a better Red Head...


    • Lad

      The sp. subtelty escaped me. Pigeons are just a nuisance, hard to get rid of as 6'4" red-haired Ponte amply demonstrates on MB.

      Buonanotte! Kiki

    • >>Stated more directly, you hold several aliases and and shamelessly impersonate several MB contributors.<<


      Plain, simple facts -- which I have stated on at least 10 separate occasions -- are supported by the significant volume of evidence gathered by Yahoo! investigators and which I shared with the MB at the time.

      I post using abbott_lad, carrion_kid, and Cherrypicker (my actual Yahoo! login ID). I have never posted as anything else, period.

      Nearly everyone on this MB but you knows, understands, acknowledges and accepts this. You, on the other hand, have some deep-seated resentment (which I suspect has more to do with my style and contributions than my persona) from which you will not allow yourself to be released.

      You would feel so much better if you just let it go.

      Thank you for your good wishes - I have, indeed, had a wonderful night with my daughter. The rite of passage on her 21st birthday into which she lovingly invited her parents (we traveled over 1000 miles to be with her) was a special evening.

    • Spec:

      No, I've actually been in Oklahoma the last few days, visiting my daughter at OSU on her 21st birthday (today). In fact, just getting ready about 10:30 CDT (after her night classes) to meet her and buy her first drink -- at least, her first legal drink. (I do like the highspeed internet equipped Mariott properties -- can keep in touch with the fiery discourse here.)

      I thought maybe by the time I get back home tomorrow, there may be some public info. If not, I may do as you suggest.

    • Ponte:

      I remember that you think so, and that you chose at the time not to accept my factual, documented refutation.

      Now you choose to drag out old, settled issues -- for what reason, I don't know.


    • Kiki:

      This one is me - not the imposter two 'd' kidd.

    • Kiki:

      That was the imposter ... two 'd' carrion_kidd.

      I am the original carrion_kid

    • We have something in common Haj... Do you know Jody, Jack, and the rest of the gang...

      Did you know Bill Bradfield...?


    • web, in my early days, I worked for John Portman, should have taken him up on projects in Paris & Brussels. haj

    • My decision was strictly financial... I met Sugarbritches in College and knew I wanted to marry her...

      Shorly before graduation, I had an opportunity to start an electronics Company with 4 other guys... My starting salary was double what I would have gotten as a starting draftsman...

      Secondly, after 4 years of eating, sleeping, and dreaming about buildings, I was really ready for a break...

      I still love it and do it as a hobby now... It is therapuedic and helps me keep my sanity...

      Good to hear from you friend... Hope you are well...


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