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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Oct 10, 2005 1:29 PM Flag

    NFI vs SAX Discussion Wanted

    Aok/Lib/Kiki-Which is Best Buy today? Aok loved both but I feel he may have changed his mind.I'm waiting for SAX to hit $8.5 then yield will be 60%.NFI must hit $27 before I add.BTW-Persh,today's Leif Ericson Day are you working?

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    • Plute,

      It is Columus Day, BTW. I did note your sh***y comment about the Norseman.

      Worked 4 hrs.


    • Kiki-Burgenstock is quite a place on top that mountain.Audrey Hepburn lived there for years. Lucerne Lions guard covered bridge. We never were big picture takers but the one we have in Hawaii,they all say:"You both look like movie stars!" She Lauren Hutton and me John Wayne. Aloha

    • Swiss Queen of course and I like it that way,so does Paco. Enjoy your Pho tonite.

    • "Aok loved both but I feel he may have changed his mind"

      I have not changed my mind at all. However, instead of gnashing my teeth, I see it objectively, even with a touch of humorous detachment.

    • This is my very first time on this board; I wanted to check it out because I was hoping to gather some useful & insightful info about ABT before investing a considerable sum into this pharma. I am interested because of the pending Pharm. pending in the near future. So I read the last 50-60 mesgs in hopes of getting some info about what ABT board members may have to contribute to the rest of us that do not know a thing about this Co. Let me tell you something folks: HONEST TO GOD I TRUELY BELEIVE THAT YOU PEOPLE ARE EITHER ON PSYCHOTROPHIC DRUGS OR YOU NEED TO BE SEEN BY A DOCTOR WHO WILL MOST DEFINITELY PRESCRIBE SOMETHING FOR YOU! What is this garbage that you talk about? and have really forgotton the purpose behind these posts? I urge the wise people on the ABT posts to re-consider & start putting out something useful about ABT for us willing to invest. Thanks.

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      • Vallejo-Relax,ask a question and you will get an answer.ABT is the Best of Breed in pharmas and I own a bundle resisting selling when certain posters bad mouth it calling it "The Laggard". It has a solid record of dividends and in the 10-yrs I owned it has tripled,some feel that is not enough but compare it to other pharmas MRK,PFE,BMY,LLY etc and you will see it was a great safe investment and will continue.

      • What, errr,exactly, is your point?

        Here 's the upshot:

        ABT is rangebound, nothing ever happens. Some people have a lot of it, we call them the "bagholders". You may or may not wish to be in the club.

        Some have NFI and SAX, they are the optimists among us. You might join them as well.

        Some have lots of energy exposure, we call them "Buds with sore hinders". They often refer to substances falling out of the sky, sometimes green. Join them your own risk.

        Most posters have been here 3 to 5 years, it's like a family, we know how to piss each other off, and often do.

        Join this club, if you desire. We do require a recent photo, and substantial background information.

        Myself, I have a sore hinder.


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