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  • aok1903 aok1903 Nov 12, 2005 9:48 AM Flag

    Dirty's Blog

    He is an incredibly gifted writer. He has finished his novel regarding naked shorting and is working on his analysis of the inner workings of naked shorting. He finds it more challenging because it very complex in that the illegal arrangements including money laundering are of an international sort.

    This is Dirty's blog. In effect, he founded the Nationqal Coalition Against Naked Shorting... NCANNS.

    Ponte, I think that you might find it interesting.

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    • Bob is a very gifted writer... You are right about that AoK... I always enjoy reading his stuff...

      His "Same as it ever was" sign-off has a twang of the past as the song fades into silence...


    • Ponte:

      I won't argue the bio-chemistry with you - I'm sure you are right. If there's a cuprous secretion, so be it.

      But without question, Coprinus derives its etymology from the greek 'Kopros' and the latin 'Coprum'. It has the same root and structure as 'coprophilia', 'coprophagia', 'coprolite', etc., all of which are associated with feces or dung. Though not a botanist, I'm quite comfortable with the explanations I have just read in several on-line sources -- this particular genus of mushrooms thrives in dung-rich soil, or directly on dung itself.

      Nothing in any of the on-line literature for Coprinus comatus and/or similar members of the genus suggests any association with copper or its various compounds. If your printed reference material on mushrooms does, it clearly differs.

    • Hey I've been dating this guy for 2 yrs. Every time I'm pleasing him orally he wants me to put my finger in his bum (*butt*). Is this natural for a man to want this, I told him that I'm uncomfortable doing it, but he don�t care. He says either I do it or some other female will. What should I do?


      A: -CLEAN, Exploring new sexual horizions with your man can always been a dicey area, espcially if the two of you aren't on the same page. Some women are more reserved sexually while the men they date are more deviant. A common mistake that men make is to expect the same level of sexual deviance from the new woman that they may have gotten from a previous female. If you can't give him this level of sexual excitement then sex with you will become boring and predictable and YES it is likely that he will seek it from another woman...or man. Simply let him know that you don't feel comfortable doing this. Many believe that a nice heart to heart talk over dinner would do the trick in explaing this to him. But what better way to tell him that you don't want to put your finger in his "bum", than by shoving a remote control up there instead. Or maybe his cell phone. Or a DVD case. You get the picture.



      Q: Clyde. While my husband was away for two years working overseas, I had an affair with a good friend of his. I got pregnant, and had a child 3 months premature. I never told either men about the child. I put the child up for adoption before my husband came home. I've felt guilty for sixteen years about this. Should I tell him now? I desperately want to see the child and introduce him to his real father. I feel I need to release this secret that has been eating at me all these years. I don't want to hurt my husband, my son, or my son's father, but I feel he should know.


      A: - TOO MANY, the damage is done. If the kid wants to find you then he will. But the kid's father has gone 16 years thinking he doesn't have any kids, why stress him out with that now. For all you know this kid is having a good life and you coming back into the picture will only stress him out and send him into depression. If the kid finds you then that's another story. When he asks about his father simply tell him that his father died during a house party in a tragic accident involving Vodka, Jell-O Shooters, and a plugged in extension cord.




    • Coprolalia... Tourrete's and all that.

      I saw a victim in the Miami airport.


    • Ponty,

      You are a bud. I should have never posted such ramblings. I will regret it until insulted again!!! Plute would be my guess...


    • I apologize to Spec and AoK... I spoke hastily. I did not think.

      But, when all is said and done, it is still Buds forever!!!

      The General

    • Lad, thank you, thank you. I may have spoken harshly and without thinking.


    • Ponte:

      You know your mushrooms, that's for sure. Not so sure about your Latin, however. Coprinus is the adjective form of coprum, which in Latin means 'dung'. You confused cuprum (copper) with coprum. (Coprum actually comes from the Greek koprana meaning "feces").

      From Wikipedia: "The genus Coprinus (commonly known as Ink caps) is a group of basidiomycete fungi, having the principal characteristic that the gills deliquesce (turn to ink) at maturity. The spore colour varies from blackish brown to black.

      There are many species of Coprinus, but the only good edible one is C. comatus (the Shaggy Ink Cap) which must be eaten very young. C. atramentarius (the Common Ink Cap) and C. micaceus (the Glistening Ink Cap) may possibly also be eaten but provoke cardiovascular problems if alcohol is drunk with them or even if it is consumed up to several days later.

      Many of these species like well-fertilized ground and some grow directly on dung (which is the meaning of the Latin name Coprinus). On the other hand, there are also some which grow on wood."



    • Ponte,
      We had an old pear orchard on the farm and the morels were always abundant. Most were the white or grey and a few black. They would show up around the 20th of April and last almost to the end of May. It really depended on the weather.

    • Ponte,
      The two types of mushrooms we gathered in Indiana were the morels and the Dog Peckers. They got their name because that is what they looked lkie. Today, I might even call them Plute Peckers. Just a thought.

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