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  • webcre8tor webcre8tor Nov 14, 2005 11:56 AM Flag

    Sincere Apology...

    I apologize to anyone I have ever hurt, offended, or otherwise made them feel like they have a hairball in the back of their throat...

    Hell, I apologize for everyone that has ever hurt, offended, or otherwise...

    This Global apology should cover pretty much the whole enchilada so we can bring back the Luv to this good ole' buddy bud board...


    PS... I also submit heretofore, a global apology, for everyone and anyone regarding accusations, inuendos, and incenuations occuring from now until the end of time, plus a couple of ticks...

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    • Persh,
      I am not sick. I haven't been sick. Just try to eat right to keep my glucose down. Don't take any medicine for it. I do get heartburn if I eat the wrong foods, so I take prevacid.

    • Phy,

      I somehow missed you being sick. Hope all is well and you feel good.


    • Do understand and hope you get better.


    • Ortho,
      No offense about your clam chowder as it is me. Never ate a clam in my life and have taken a nibble now and then of clam chowder as people have tried to get me to eat it. Ick! I watch what I eat as I try to keep my glucose before meals under 100. Keeping the glucose down and not losing weight is a hard thing to do. I can't eat a lot of spicy things as that kicks up the acid in my stomach. Dr. thinks that the acid reflux was the cause of my cancer of the vocal cords. No acid with prevacid and I never eat anything after 5;00 P.M. Now, my wife would love that clam chowder, but she won't eat tomatoes, bananas, cheese,(my favorite with peanuts)beets, and peas. Everybody bored with my health?

    • Phys.....

      Got a little too flippant. In my sphere of influence in serving it, no one has turned it down. If I recall you've had some health problems, so can understand your sensitive to it, or possibly you are just not a clam eater.


      Thanks for the Cranberry Recipe. Will try it.Will publish the receipe in a few weeks.


    • LH....

      Needless to say I am red faced<grin>. However that bowl could lead to some bowel sounds on a cold winter's nite! Especially with a little hot sauce.


    • Ortho..

      Seriously, I want that clam chowder recipe when the time comes. No cholesterol issues in this household.

      Here's mine for cranberry sauce...The Best!

      1 bag fresh cranberries (one pound I think)
      1 whole orange, sliced and not peeled
      Sugar to taste, about 1 1/4 cup

      Blend all ingredients in a blender. This stuff is excellent. The recipe is on the Ocean Spray cranberry bag. Now, to make it really good, add hot pepper sauce. YUM!

      You can also freeze it (without the hot sauce) then blend it with vodka for a great frozen drink.


    • Ortho,
      Here is one person who I guarantee would not like your clam chowder dish, and that is me.

    • YUM!


      A "reheated Bowel" sounds excellent on a cold Winter night.

      I generally accomplish that with hot pepper sauce.


    • are welcome.

      We had the same issues with desert when I was growing up.BUT NO NONE Chocolate People in our family. Actually, my Mom made a great mincemeat pie lashed with a generous shot of dark rum and served with a dallop of rum laced whipping cream. I mean served warm, it was to die for (I know you have a very sensitive stomach...take a Nexium and call me in the morning<grin>)

      Got a great Christmas Eve Clam Chowder dish, but call out the surgeons, cuz the butterfat will clog those arteries good, but have yet to see anyone not eat it, even those who do not like clams. Afterall its only one day(except I make enough to have a reheated bowel(even better)the next day. Will fire it off in a few weeks.


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