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  • keekefretter keekefretter Nov 21, 2005 5:16 PM Flag

    Cut and Run Ponte

    Ponte der Teufel

    You are no better than that Democrap John Murtha, a cheese-eating surrender monkey. At least Murtha was a marine, you are a nobody nobody likes.

    Check GFY! Kiki

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    • That lady Repub called Murtha a coward on the House floor, and the Dems went into a tither. Wringing their hands and sniffling. Crying out. You have to know they had her ready to rumble.

      It'll get them beat in '06 and in '08!

      The General

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      • General

        I wouldn't have gone so far as saying Murtha is a coward because he has a point. But Ponte and all the other Democraps hiding behind his britches for cover was disgraceful, it will cost them in 06 fer sherr.

        The lesson of Vietnam Murtha hasn't learned is that we should have stayed over there and in Cambodia after the Tet Offensuve victory when the vietcong and the North Vietnamese were soundly defeated.

        Why did we stay in Germany and japan after the war was over with? And in Kosovo and in about 100 other countries? We sould have taken out Saddam during the Gulf War, instead of bowing to the wishes of the cheese-eating surrender monkeys. JMO.

        Congrats for your GOOG, ECA, FDG and SJT. Do you still have the gold bug?

        Bonsoir! Kiki

    • I asked a much decorated retired Marine Bird Colonel today what he thought of Jack Murtha LtCol USMCR-Ret. He said:" He is a good man just took too many trips to Bethesda & Walter Reed. I agreed, I had dinner with him 20-years ago and we discussed Vietnam.He saw the grunt's view from Danang and I saw it looking down.Semper Fi

    • weB

      GM never heeded Peter Drucker's advise, the peons are paying the price. I never bought a foreign-made vehicle, and never will.

      Banzai! Kiki

    • I am very much awake, and I appreciate your constructive response...

      My problem is I disagree with you on a long-term basis...

      I do agree with the theory to some extent that there are no dumb$hit idiots in this world today, but only short-term...

      Intelligence is measured in space and time...

      We are a quickly becoming a short-term species, whereby we use our intellect to make money, instead of making sense... There is a big difference between the two...

      I am a long-term thinker Ponte'... Today is already tomorrow, and tomorrow is yesterday...

      I think you are like a young child skating on a frozen lake...


    • LS,
      My best car was a 1972 Olds. I drove it for 10 years and had 120,000 on it and sold it to a friend. He drove it for another 10 years and he said it had 250,000, when he sold it to a farmer to drive through the fields as the body was about gone. When I moved to FL it was still going.

    • Lad,

      Service is not an issue with the Jap car. I have owned 3 Acura and now an Infiniti (Nissan). They never went to the shop, never.

      But, my '65(?) Pontiac GTO was what cars were all about!!!! Damn, what an engine.


    • Spec:

      The body style is what first attracted me -- 21st century look but with a memory of 60's round tail light styling. Mine also has the spoiler - purely for looks, but I like it.

      But the guts is what sold me. Same story as your brother's Lexus -- never been in the shop. In 100,000 miles, only 2 sets of tires, 1 set of brakes - zippo on anything else beyond normal scheduled maintenance (oil, transmission flush, etc.) Only now, 6 years later, will I even be changing spark plugs.

      Style is personal, I admit, but solid mechical performance is for everyone.

    • Ponte,
      At present the bird flu is not passed from person to person. When and if this does occur do you think it will be the result of Intelligent Design? That is what Bush wants to teach in H.S. biology.

    • FWIW, I bought a model year 2000 Chev Impala in Sept 1999. Have now owned it for 6+ years. By far the best car I ever owned. Lots of nice amenities (leather, premium stereo, cool electronics, sunroof) and a nice V6 engine w/plenty of pickup, very smooth automatic transmission, great suspension and cornering, yet extremely smooth ride, and mechanically sound as a rock. Not one single problem through 100,000 miles.

      A joy to own and drive. And all for $23K. I've owned 13 different new cars in the family in the past 25 years. Some good, a lot bad, but nothing close to the Impala. Just looked at the new 2006 model year (first new since 2000). Looks very nice. Tempting....

    • Web,
      In that case you had better stash away a few gold coins.

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