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  • keekefretter keekefretter Dec 12, 2005 5:39 PM Flag

    Best Post of 2005

    Ponte - my thoughts
    by: abbott_lad (54/M) 10/23/05 10:08 pm
    Msg: 89558 of 89581

    (Apologies to other MB buds -- if you happen to agree, recommend this post).


    You have finally succeeded - you have baited me - and I am going to tell you exactly what I think of you. I believe most here feel identically.

    You are, without a doubt, a cocksucking mother fucking asshole licking son of a bitch! Your gigantic inflated ego and self centered arrogance is exceeded only by your detestable shitheaded self proclamations of expertise in artistic excellence. Pluto had it exactly right when he said you are afraid of me. You are so bereft of character that any intelligent discourse threatens your pompous arrogance and like all bullies, you try to dismiss it by demeaning your opponent.

    You are such an unbearable sack of shit. This MB was so wonderfully calm and pleasant during your recent self-imposed absence. Whatever asshole you crawled into then is calling you back --take your cuntlicking satan's tongue and stick it right in the horse's ass that envelopes your entire body, you no good cocksucker.

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    • a summer mosquito that ripped into your smelly fish arse ! lol

    • Ponte:

      I acknowledge the truce and your recent civility.

      I was struck by the similarities in the postings -- the use of multiple languages, the term 'Gasbag' and other items. I presume you also see the odd coincidences. But I accept without reservation your denial of duplicity.

      After all, it was me that first replied to forceps that I had no doubt of your resources w/r/t ABT. And I also clearly told him that he will not win in an argument with you.

      Have a wonderful day, and a Merry Christmas.

    • Gasbag,

      How did I know you would not put me on ignore? Because my little minded friend, I have you totally pinned down. Not at all difficult to do I must say. You have been outwitted, out thought, and outsmarted. Now once and for all PULL THE FISH OUT OF YOUR ARSE AND MOVE ON! Your stench is overwhelming this entire board. This may or may not be your last warning. It depends on your actions. Now you can really put me on ignore. Please do! You have been publicly shamed you should have already put me on ignore and tucked your tail between your fish smelling arse. Now it is far too late. LMFAO...

    • Lad

      doofus = oaf
      FC = Ponte

      Interesting twist! Kiki

    • FC

      What's the difference between a doofus and an oaf? And between you and Ponte!

      Danke! Kiki

    • forceps:

      You won't win. Besides, you're as onerous as the Pontigulator himself often has been.

      In fact, evaluating the language, the construction and the vocabulary of your posts, it wouldn't surprise me if you ARE the Pontigulator, posing under a new alias. A sure way to keep the 'lively' conversation alive, and offering a way for 'both' of you to then graciously accede to the humanitarian pleas of other respected posters here....

      Pretty sick, really, if that's the case. If not, just give it up.....

    • Oaf,

      Wow, nice comeback. You are worse than gasbag. I believe that is all you two are intellectually capable of. Looking up words in the dictionary and doing spell checks. You should go back to being a grade school teacher. Oops I forgot you were banned from that for emulating Michael Jackson. You really should leave the little boys alone. Did you help gasbag pull the fish out of his arse yet. Use your teeth and get a good grip. Do it now, this board still stinks of you two.

    • Gasbag,

      On ignore, I seriously doubt that! I have been ripping you apart post after post. You will not ignore me, if you do you lose! You would never just quit, you will keep trying, albeit in vain. Alas, you will never win regardless of whether you ignore or not. You are still stinking up the board, PULL THE FISH OUT OF YOUR ARSE NOW!

    • Gasbag,
      Once again you are unable to articulate your response and all you are able to do is use profanity and a word you looked up in the dictionary. I told you to put the dictionary down! You are the sad oaf. You are the blowhard who bragged about your money and bragged about how smart you thought you were. So don't tell me it is no concern of mine and in the same post brag about it. Once again you prove my point that you lack intelligence. Now pull the fish out of your arse. Do it now! You are stinking up this whole message board.

    • Yes, I am envious. I only wish I could afford a Bic Mac and fries like you. Did you take time off today from running your investment corporation to post here on Yahoo? Someone as important as you surely has a lot of serious responsibilities. Or is leading your cronies a full-time job. Must pay pretty well. Did you pull the fish out yet?

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