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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Feb 18, 2006 1:44 PM Flag

    Any Good Oil/Gas Stocks to Buy ?

    I am looking to diversify and need good,safe energy stock thinking about DVN & APA,any thoughts? Also I do think RIG will have good 2nd half 2006 but still waiting for entry pps.SMART MONEY likes KOSP but with half sales from Niaspan I am concerned,Spec is not.Aok/Lib-How long will you HOLD NFI waiting for pps recovery?

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    • Plute,
      This one is not oil/gas, but related engineering: GLBL. I bought some Friday. Snug

    • Plute,

      Buy CNE. One of AoK and W/O's favorites. But it's hard to trade. For the most part, you're guessing on energy prices. A tough game. Hold it and collect divvies and you will be very happy when Iran starts firing nukes around and oil quadruples. You need some investments that do well if the world situation deteriorates. Oil, gas, metals. You will pay 15% Canadian tax on the divvies. Who cares? You might get a better entry point as oil in storage is way up, but the oil price recovered $3 at the end of the week and it didn't make sense given high inventories. Bottom line is that the world is producing about 85 million bpd and using about 85 million bpd. NG inventories are very high too and prices down. It would seem there's a better time to buy. It always seems that way. Has the world of commodities changed? Many think it has.

      One can do nothing with NFI until after the earnings announcement. The big controversy is probably whether they pay $7.50 per share (their hope) or $8.25 per share (what the auditors think the IRS demands). But it's all speculation. $7.50/$27 = 28%. There's a lot of pessimism around. The stuff of bottoms?

      Very few people (including me) believe in this rally in the indexes. Does that mean it has legs? It might. Rates going higher than thought, huge budget deficits and none of the governing class cares, possible international incidents in our future, possible domestic terror in our future, rising commodity costs, rising labor costs - yet the market goes higher. Amazing. And with so many people amazed, that can make it go higher. I am reading on multiple message boards that people are heavily in cash. This is often very bullish when individuals are loaded with cash. My nuke fund is the highest it's ever been.

      I am hopeful that we will see the laggard at $46 in the next month or two. I predicted HSP at $49 on earnings day. Only $2 to go and a week to get there. Spec, it's going up because investors don't believe the conservative "single digit growth" guidance, even if you do.

      Hope all are having a good weekend.


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      • Lib,
        Some of the Saturday AM pundits were saying that because of positive outcome for Merck in latest Vioxx trial, it will be up and that will in turn drive the Dow and other big pharmas up on Tuesday.
        I have noticed in recent days that the Nasdaq has not been keeping up with the Dow after having surpassed it during the rally in January. IMO that is a signal that the growth of the economy is now seen a little less rosy than back in late January when the Bulls & (no) Bears led by Bob Froelich were all salivating over pie in the sky bull markets for 2006.
        IMO it is plausible that we will see a Merck inspired rally on Tuesday, but I believe it will be weak and short lived.
        The negative Nasdaq on Friday is pointing the way for the markets after whatever pop we get on Tuesday.
        The 4th quarter earnings have mostly been reported, and although generally good, they didn't meet the inflated expectations that caused the market to break out of the range in which it traded during most of 2005.
        Until there is a new catalyst to drive the market higher, IMO we will drift back down through fits and starts until we once again find the old trading range. Snug

      • "But it's hard to trade"

        I thought that it would be...BUT

        It has never been hard for me, and it started on the NYSE Friday. Quite good volume. Building the infrastructure for natural gas is very complicated and requires years, and there will be hard winter that jacks it right back up. DO NOT FORGET that people are on the prowl for income, and they can within reason understand energy. Russia can always tighten the pipes to Europe as well, though unlikely.

        We graduated 70K engineers last year. China 500K.

      • Lib,
        Are you hanging on to your HSP? Will you sell ABT or any portion at/over $46?
        Will both nda's in FDA get approval letters?
        If so will we go higher or stay under $50.?
        Your opinion, please.
        PS there is "a bunch" of NG now but some smart co.s have hedged the sales price /c demand contract sales to as much as $9.change.
        Unless there is some magic fuel to replace it I'm long NG (Wife would say full of NG)

    • Plute,
      Check out; UPL, CHK, SWN and Devon Energy.
      UPL *NG as is CHK & SWN, Devon is primarialy NG /c a little oil. Ultra* has sweet deal /c Kerr Mcgee in Bohai Bay China giving them 20+% of a rich oil source.
      I have UPL, CHK, and Devon. My youngest son is in the O&G business and because of him, both have been excellent looking at my basis. All are down as a result of the "energy corection". But all listed have much more to offer. They can be purchased in funds but don't care for that due to liquidity issues one stk to the other.

    • You have had the energy trusts right in front of you for over two years now, and mine has doubled if you take into consideration the monthy dividends, but again you were late to the game.

      I am going to keep NFI until it reaches fair value or until they can not reasonably pay the dividend. It is not entertainment for me. You must see by now what is really going on, and it is a pain the neck. GW failed to enforce the law in this regard.

      AET-UN.TO ARC ENERGY TRUST UNITS 26.61 Feb 17 0.56 (2.15%) 303,077
      ALA-UN.TO ALTAGAS INCOME TRUST 29.25 Feb 17 0.01 (0.03%) 70,021
      AVN-UN.TO ADVANTAGE ENERGY INCOME FUND 22.45 Feb 17 0.55 (2.51%) 647,288
      BNP-UN.TO BONAVISTA ENERGY TRUST 36.95 Feb 17 0.80 (2.21%) 291,920
      BTE-UN.TO BAYTEX ENERGY TRUST 19.35 Feb 17 0.45 (2.38%) 418,010
      CCR-UN.TO CCS INCOME TR 35.35 Feb 17 1.10 (3.21%) 90,399
      COS-UN.TO CANADIAN OIL SANDS TRUST 146.50 Feb 17 0.18 (0.12%) 322,321
      ERF-UN.TO ENERPLUS RESOURCES FUND SR G TR 57.61 Feb 17 0.78 (1.37%) 236,576
      FCE-UN.TO FORT CHICAGO ENERGY PARTNERS CL 12.10 Feb 17 0.09 (0.75%) 251,518
      FET-UN.TO FOCUS ENERGY TRUST UNITS 22.00 Feb 17 0.48 (2.23%) 237,011
      IPL-UN.TO INTER PIPELINE FUND 10.24 Feb 17 0.07 (0.69%) 335,067
      NAE-UN.TO NAL OIL & GAS TRUST UNITS 18.73 Feb 17 0.34 (1.85%) 275,403
      PEY-UN.TO PEYTO ENERGY TRUST 24.43 Feb 17 0.18 (0.74%) 347,366
      PGX-UN.TO PROGRESS ENERGY LTD UNITS 15.80 Feb 17 0.30 (1.94%) 158,601
      PIF-UN.TO PEMBINA PIPELINE INCOME FD TR U 17.30 Feb 17 0.25 (1.47%) 467,854
      PTF-UN.TO PETROFUND ENERGY TRUST 23.03 Feb 17 0.18 (0.79%) 365,563
      PVE-UN.TO PROVIDENT ENERGY TR UNITS 12.71 Feb 17 0.12 (0.95%) 401,924
      PWI-UN.TO PRIMEWEST ENERGY TR UNITS 34.68 Feb 17 0.31 (0.90%) 335,544
      SHN-UN.TO SHININGBANK ENERGY INCOME FD TR 25.05 Feb 17 0.65 (2.66%) 721,311
      VET-UN.TO VERMILION ENERGY TRUST 29.53 Feb 17 0.76 (2.64%) 180,343

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