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  • ocrepitis ocrepitis Apr 4, 2006 2:15 PM Flag

    Plute? Bill Richardson ??

    Spoke with old friend this AM in DC. He says there is big rumor the Democrats will talk Hillary/ but will run Bill Richardson of New Mexico for CIC!!
    Very savvy chap and is I think 1/2 Mexican?
    Have you heard any of this???

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    • No but friend who lives in Santa Fe do not like him,I met his older brother years ago he worked for USAF at Hanscom AFB outside Boston and Bill was in Congress.The two look like fat mexicans and will attract Hispanic vote of course. Mark Warner ex VA Gov is a much better choice but does not have exposure.Anybody but Hillary. You are going to see Biden vs McCain debate both smart guys.

    • Persh- I was wondering about that scene,do you think she was given old Roman a BJ or just a French kiss? Is she not a daughter of his,have these Mormons no pride? I missed this week.Fortunately, wife & I watch TV in separate rooms as she does not go for that stuff and would accuse me of being a DOM.She has TIVO records what she likes during day then watches at night.

    • Persh:

      She is, of course, the 'prophet' Roman's daughter, so you could just figure it was innocent father/daughter talk. But he's just about wierd enough to lay incestuously with her, and she's so desperate for his money....

      Bill burst in before anything did/could happen, but the smarmy way the old boy placed his hat on his sweaty head was VERY revealing now, wasn't it! Stay tuned.

    • Lad,

      She looked a little guilty and sweaty to me.

      Reminds me of my all time favorite Julie Christie. Remember this in Dr Zhivago:

      Victor Komarovsky, Rod Steiger, goes to Lara's house and "rapes" Lara, Julie Christie, so Lara's mom will have some money.
      What a scene. Julie does like it, too.


    • Yeah, great scene. But then, so is anything with Julie Christie. Remember her famous line in Shampoo -- "I want to suck his c*%k" - Outstanding!!

      Also, hard to believe, but Rod Steiger was once considered quite a stud. Remember him as Judd Frye in Oklahoma?

    • Shocking! I didn't think Julie was that kind of girl but I hear from Howard Hughes Bette Davis was.And then Sammy Davis Jr and Mai Britt, the Swedish blonde beauty, guess she felt sorry for Sammy.

    • EVERYBODY was that kind of girl in "Shampoo", even a very young Carrie Fisher, who as Lorna, the 16 year old daughter of Lee Grant, seduces Warren Beatty in her bedroom.

      Later, Warren, as the pretending-to-be-gay-so-I-can-get-the-girls hairdresser admits, "Yeah, I f*&^ked her. Hell, I f*&^ked them all!"

      A GREAT flick, and quite a taboo-breaker in 1975.

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