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  • pershing832003 pershing832003 Apr 5, 2006 10:18 AM Flag


    Morning report on gold:

    Hit $590 this AM.

    From Beijeng:

    "China is the world's third-biggest market for gold after India and the United States, according to the World Gold Council, an industry organization."

    It is not too late.

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    • Here Ye, Hear Ye,
      The great god of all knowledge and enlightenment Ponte has spoken!
      You are now in the no fly zone Fucko !
      Each ranting post you make proves my point.
      Relax we are not coming to baptize you while you are sleeping, it will be ok, there, there now, breathe deep...........good night ASSHOLE!

    • Ponte,
      Jackasses like me?

      Got any mirrors in the house? Good, go look into one and you will see the biggest jackass around! You cannot best me in the argument so you retreat to personal attack. You are pissed that I know what I know and unlike you I am not bereating others for their 'lack of education'. Now after I answered you directly about your god Socrates you cannot stand it.
      My fault, I thought you possessed a STRONG intellect and were willing to share it!
      Please don't look now....there a few things you missed while at Cambridge; like allowing others to have there views and the ability to discuss said opinions based on what you KNOW and not what you FEEL is correct for all human kind.
      Good Luck writhing around in your omnipotent world. I dare say you will be very lonely!

    • Plute,

      Politics can turn on a dime. These Mexicans waving the Mexican flag will help the Repubs, maybe even the amnesty bill failed on purpose.
      Congresswoman McKinney stirs up the red state base. Riffraff already disgusted with blacks after Katrina. The Baptist and other fundamentalists support the Israelis and the DC cabal. If you open your mouth you are anti-Semitic.

      The best thing that could have happened after 9-11 was a housecleaning at the FBI and CIA, probably the Pentagon too. Who's the more dangerous, Clinton doing nothing or Bush adventures?

      I ordered Cobra II awhile back, Amazon sent me the audio, got to return it.


      ABT in the toilet, going below $40. Something going on?

    • Persh-Jewish lobby still controls Pentagon policy.That jerk Douglas Feith who was lobbyist for Israel beore getting UNSECPOLICY job is responsible for our lack of post-war planning in Iraq.Read COBRA II, Condi & Jack Straw read it on trip and were amazed by it's accuracy.Oh,Feith's replacement is Edelman same cut same allegiance to Israel.Wolfowitz & Pearl responsible for Feith.Wait until Israel nukes Iran and we will experience more 9/11s.Bush survives only because we have not had terrorist attack since 9/11 but small towns of America sacrificing their young sons would vote impeachment.Vermont just joined Wisconsin.Bush is dangerous.

    • KiKi,

      Take the weekend off.

      But, as for the Pacos in the US, more power to them. They work. I just hope Pluto pays the guy.

      I am worried Israel is going to get us all killed.


    • General

      I may take the weekend off, I am more concerned by the immediate threat of illegal immigration and our duty to make the world a safe place for Israel.

      Politics and religion, of the two the second is worse fer sherr. Not in itself, but in the interpretations and hostile discourse.

      Paco is a bigger menace than Plato IMHO. We should adopt the same immigration laws Mexico has on the books.

      Buonanotte! Kiki

    • Ponte,
      Once again you under estimate. The Jesuits introduced us to the thoughts of Socrates through his student Plato. Every good business man I have ever encountered (that had this knowlegde) used the Socratic method in discussions of product or service with discriminating customers. His thoughts on how best to conduct ones self, etc. I also know that being stubborn to the end, he took his own life rather than comply. This to me is no Virtue at all.

    • Ponte,
      Well I'll be damned. Out of you-- of all people?..."dosed with bits of education",
      excuse me?
      Tolerant and being forced to be so? Come on Ponte. Openess to others 'rantings' of anything is a ridiculous form of tolerance; but to be willing to discuss without pre judgement is and always will be the path to learning!
      My education is at least as good as yours. I will not tolerate your haughtiness of being above me because you attended Cambridge.
      Could you not have learned as well in America/
      I think so! UCLA, Berkeley, Stanford and we are still on the west coast. I am sure that at least one of these schools could have shown you as much!
      I must say that I did not expect you to try to undo the faith discussion by attacking me or anyones education. If you are an atheist great be as you are and have done with it. The only reason I asked you in the first place, was because of your obvious intellect!

    • Ponte,
      It most certainly is Bull Shit! Total undeniable B.S.

      Socrates vs. Jesus Christ, laughable Sir, really.


    • Phy,
      Absolutely and I am no fundamentalist. Please see my msg to Ponte this date about 12:17AM ET.
      There is no hard core fire and brim stone absolutes in my 'pitch' that there is a God.

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