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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Apr 22, 2006 2:11 PM Flag

    How Much Do You Spend Each Year?

    Crep/Persh/Phy/LH/Aok-I am curious not counting losses in market how much does it cost you each year food,lodging,medical,house/garden maintenance,taxes [real + IRS],dining out,booze,entertainent,travel,etc. I figure I can live on $100,000/year.If we went in nursing home it would cost at least double.I do not plan on any LT care as it would be too depressing.I am having a hard time now coping with best friend dying of lung cancer in Texas.This guy and his Swedish wife are two of bravest people I know.He was a daring carrier pilot but low-fuel light has been on for a year of chemo/rad and no bingo field in sight.Best to die quick of heart attack in bed with Asian beauty on last tour of Orient.Check 6

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    • Plute,
      When I first started posting, I did take things more personal but not anymore. I think we all do that these days, even Ponte.

    • Phy-I thought LH would find it funny and we all know, except you, LH has a sense of humor.I do think you are gay.BTW- If I offended LH I apologize just sunday off-the-cuff posts.

    • Pluto

      We live on about $55,000/year. We have no mortgage, and property taxes are only $70/yr. I guess our biggest daily expense is food and clothing. I just paid $4.50/lb for asparagus and felt lucky.

      I shop online for everything because we can't get stuff here, and when my purchases arrive in a month or so, I have to pay freight and 25% duty.

      Insurance covers all medical and we fly to the USA once yearly for checkups. Fortunately we are both healthy, and we take care of ourselves because medical care here is substandard.

      We spend a lot on travel because we need to get outta here. We don't eat out much because the restaurants are awful.

      We live below our means because we invest a lot of money. We don't need to work now, but we are relatively young and don't want to have to work in the future. Sometimes I think we should spend more than we do.

      IRS is not an issue because there is no income tax here and our other income has been arranged in such a way that it is reasonably sheltered.


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      • LH- Sounds reasonable but you have to quit buying that fur coat every year.I bet as you get to old-old > 80 you will move back to USA as medical is too chancy.Remember 2 can live as cheap as 1,if one don't eat. That explains why Phy is so rich. I feel quality living in nice area negats need for travel.Wife & I have seen the world except for Lund, and i hear it is borrrring. You should have bot in St Michaels old watermen now getting lots of eels.Still only 1600 locals year-round.

    • My biggest cost is real estate & IRS tax,next house/garden maintenance each week,food,dining out.Medical & entertainment very low. I expect Persh lives on $40,000/yr but spends $60,000 on travel,entertainment, etc.Frankly,I do not keep track of my expenses but wife says I spend too much on food & booze.

    • In best events drive a wagon instead of a car.

    • Pluto,
      Way to much!

    • Plute,
      For all of those things that you mentioned I would say that I spend about $50,000 a year.

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