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  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Apr 30, 2006 7:08 PM Flag

    Elite Play Americans for Igonrant Slobs

    They are right; average Americans are ignorant slobs. They have no knowledge of history, so they are vulnerable to the same trickery as befalled their ancestors.
    It is now generally theorized that John Wilkes Booth was a dupe in a plot that was hatched by Secy of War Stanton to kill Lincoln, because Lincoln had plans for more generous treatment for the conquered South. He even planned to relocate the former slaves to Africa.
    Similarly, it is doubtful that James Earl Ray or even acted at all in the killing of MLK. He was a dupe in a plot by an elite group in molding Public opinion and in moving the Public sentiment in the direction beneficial to the interests of the elite.
    It is known that prior to WW2 American sentiment was divided, most were Isolationist and didn't want to get involved, and a significant portion was pro-Axis. Also a fact is that shortly before Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt met with Churchill, and discussed how to get the US involved in the war.
    There has been much historical investigation which has pointed to the likelihood that the attack was not a surprise, and that its devastation was deliberately facilitated by orders to align fighter planes at Wheeler Field in such a manner as to make them more vulnerable to the air strike and more difficult to scramble for defensive action. Similarly, warships were placed in the harbor so that they were sitting ducks.
    Then we have Viet Nam and Iraq. Both were preceded by Government lies to make the Public more willing to go to war, because it suited the interests of the elite to have those wars. Despite obstacles to getting the truth out, it is beginning to be known that the Israeli Lobby had a large role in shaping American foreign policy during the time leading up to the outbreak of war with Iraq. Most news providers nearly have to be dragged to the truth in providing any coverage on this. Political Correctness prevents any reporting of truth when it is adverse to the interests of the Israeli Lobby.
    If the average American weren't so willfully ignorant he wouldn't be continually played for a fool. But the fact is that most don't read newspapers and don't even watch Evening News on TV. That is why in all American markets the sitcom re-run on the independant station in the Evening News timeslot out polls the news.

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