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  • keekefretter keekefretter May 3, 2006 4:56 PM Flag

    Entertaining, but substantive?


    Your close, but read carefully:

    � Edmund Randolph said that of all the plans being discussed, "those proposed by George Mason swallowed up all the rest." Nearly 50 years later, Jefferson added, "the fact is unquestionable that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of Virginia were drawn originally by George Mason."

    The Declaration of Rights was approved by the Assembly on June 12,1776, and 17 days later Mason had a final draft of the state constitution approved by that body. Although he remained in the legislature four more years and influenced nearly all major bills, Mason never made a more important contribution than authoring the first American document that limited the authority of governments and strengthened the rights of individuals. �

    Jefferson in fact didn't know diddly squat about it but spoke authoritatively 50 years later, as a matter of fact Mason simply translated the Bill of Rights from an existing document pre-dating it by about 200 years fer sherr.

    Check 6! Kiki

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