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  • abbott_lad abbott_lad May 3, 2006 9:31 AM Flag

    Entertaining, but substantive?

    I've been away for a while. I spent an hour or so catching up on about 600+ posts here. Very entertaining reading, but often very tiring.

    The predominant posters of late could be designated "The 'Plute - Aok - Physalia' Show". Or more simply, "The PAP Show". Which leads me to the dictionary....

    Main Entry: pap
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English
    -- something lacking solid value or substance

    I enjoy many things -- great music, competitive sports, substantive discussions, and yes, even some 'pap' on TV like 'Big Love' or 'Boston Legal'. I guess it's not too surprising that, as a guilty pleasure, I also enjoy the 'PAP' here.


    BTW, I considered Ponte as one of the "P's", but his posts are either too acerbic or too sage to get the 'pap' moniker. And as for Persh -- well, he's been strangely quiescent of late.....

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