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  • keekefretter keekefretter May 11, 2006 4:17 PM Flag

    Lib's hindsight sorely needed today


    Where is the market going, you should have warned us. Snug must have turned bullish at last.

    How much red ink in everybody's portfolio today? It is good to talk about it, don't internalize.

    Gasp! Kiki

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    • spec, hell of a post! haj

    • Persh,
      I agree that the gay priest thing was terrible. But religion is important to some folks even those with wealth who either have faith. Its a personal thing.
      So it goes,

    • Creeper,

      I do not care for much organised religion. I know it is there for the struggling masses, riffraff, slightly crazed and does some good, probably a lot of good. The coverup by the Catholic Church did not improve my outlook.

      Children should go to church to be educated in morals, life and our history.


    • Persh,
      I don't send anything to Rome! I realize that there are bastards in every strpe of life and to have a clerical collar does not exempt one from any skullduggery.
      I just know that there are good ministers and priests that really do an excellent job. The folks that run Catholic Charities get my contributions. You might check and see who was among the first group- right in the middle of the Katrina mess, helping people as best they could it was C.C.
      I know that Rome is behind the times as to celibacy and the ordination of women. But that does'nt mean that the whole of the church is bad. IMHO!!!

    • Creeper,

      Preachers, choir directors, youth leaders, priests are always suspect. They have been screwing around with the flock, male, female and most any age. They also steal from time to time and try to talk gullible widows out of their last dime.

      It's been going on a long, long time.

      If you want to send 10% to Rome, go ahead.


    • Plute,
      You may want to consider the number of priests overall before damning all of them.
      Also you might check the work of Catholic Charities in the USA not to mention worldwide.

    • Spec- Couldn't agree more! I knew a USAF Col from Cicero who went to high school with Cardinal Paul Marcinkus who became the Pope's Banker.Can you imagine a banker from Cicero? The Colonel got pissed at me years ago then the guy got hung from Black Friar Bridge in London who was Pope's accountant.Not to mention all the gay priests.That religion is ridiculous!

    • Spec,
      I takeit back you sir, are indeed a dumb bastard. Your stock pics attest to your great knowledge base.

    • <Remember the good old days when we made low-level attacks on NFI? Well, I bot some but feel I will be able to eject soon just waiting for safe altitude.Ciao.>

      You like stingers.

      What you say in long-run will not matter.

      Dumb fukk. It just showed your low level ability.

      Kaboom, Captain.


    • Spec-welcome back we all missed you even though your picks cost me dearly AGEN,PRZ,HILL I missed your winner IRIS but may try it after it fell as looks like it will hit $20 again.Ponte got Creper riled up because of his vulgar comment on the Pope. Now you being a good Italian catholic can understand that. Remember the good old days when we made low-level attacks on NFI? Well, I bot some but feel I will be able to eject soon just waiting for safe altitude.Ciao

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