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  • keekefretter keekefretter Jun 14, 2006 11:17 PM Flag

    Kafka (end)

    Hence all homeschooling parents in Belgium are sent a form in which they are ordered to sign away their parental right to choose their children�s education, to adopt the �mimimum goals set out in the [2003] law on compulsory education,� namely �to respect the fundamental human rights and the cultural values of the child itself and of others� (with the state unilaterally deciding what these human rights and �cultural values� are), and to send their children to state approved schools if state inspectors deem that their schooling does not comply with the aforementioned �minimum goals.�

    Parents who sign away their right to educate their own children are subsequently harassed and intimidated. Three families that we know have had to allow inspectors into their homes who interrogate and intimidate their children, then write a report that they are not in compliance with the minimum requirements (viz. the cultural values clause) set out in the signed document, announce that they will return for further inspection and that the children who fail to qualify will be forcibly sent to schools that are officially recognised by the government.

    Nowhere, however, do these inspectors outline what they are inspecting and what criteria they apply. After a lifetime of inspecting schools with clearly defined curricula to determine whether the latter qualify for subsidies and recognition of their certificates, they are now set loose on families with no other purpose than to find fault and remove their children from their care. The families do not want subsidies or recognition of certificates, so there are no objective criteria for them to meet. Their children are questioned randomly on a variety of topics, irrespective of their own educational goals, age or curriculum. And they cannot protest the inspectors� arbitrary verdict as they have signed away their right as citizens to appeal to a higher educational authority or to the courts.

    Parents who do not sign away their right to educate their own children are regarded as not educating their children at all, and hence are guilty of a criminal offence.

    Soon coming to US! Kiki

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