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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Jun 27, 2006 3:25 PM Flag

    Ortho- ZMH vs ABT

    Ortho- I can feel your pain and it is not my knee.Can you believe ZMH can turn into a disaster so fast? Suey Wong Baird Analyst says fines could be $200 Million! WOW! Sounds familar.BTW- I think I met Suey's sister Suzy in Wanchai district Hong Kong 40-years ago on port call with KITTY HAWK,quite a looker! BTW- Can two Wongs make it Wright? Check 6

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    • KuKuKiki,
      Sato, the thing drives like a giesha having multiple orgasms you should get one to!!
      O' Nunsedska Creper not again.[:>)

    • X,
      Hell, if I knew about these I would have bought one and left the Acura alone!
      The HMO dipshits wonder why they get sued for lack of "specific performance" and patients win!!!

    • Xabt

      Acura will make a better and improved one only for O'Creper. Creper buys only Jap.

      By Jove! Kiki

    • Creeper you should get one of these before they go really bad.

    • Creeper,

      It worked for a while, like as long as I was in the hospital. Damn HMO wouldn't let that level be maintained. Ran it down to 24, Didn't need to test twice a day, went to twice a week for labs.

      Maintainence level was around 12-14, not effective below 22. Found out I was in range about 3-4 hours a day, didn't do any good.

      Chased this about a year with you name it before it healed. Should shoot the HMO guys, doctors and HMO reps.


    • X,
      I know my meds but I am not sure of some of these medical care giver folks ferr sure.
      Vancomycin is tuff stuff and I am glad you are doing alright!

    • Ortho,
      Thanks very much!

    • Ortho,

      your asolutely right, how ever mine was done down in Chicago, at a large teaching institution.

      Funny you should mention the Ditka think, the physician that did mine, he was the guy that did Ditka's hips.

      He did my right hip too. Had it for a almost a year before I lost it. Never got that one back either.


    • Creeper,

      What they tell you and what is ..... well.

      6 months of biaxin 500mg 2x a day, rifampin, I.V. vancomycin titrated to 38, upper range is 42 I believe. 10 to 14 days in the hospital, and a whole lot of other crap too. Some kind of ceflex (?) given with iron pills to boost red count. Can't give iron with certain antibiotics, binds up the antibiotic, renders it useless.

      Scary part the nurses should now this from the pharmacist. Well every shift, every nurse for 10 days would give it to me together. Know your meds and what they do, how they work.


    • Creper....

      Buddy has gone to three very excellent and renowed surgeons, but all have told him the same. He getting Hyalgan injections now to ease the pain. BTW Orthovisc sold by Anika also does not have formaldehyde and it is a three shot regimine. In Canada, because of the time it takes in the que to get a knee replacement (hooray for socialized medicine), some Rhuems and Pods are mixing lidocaine with HA to reduce pain and protect the joint space from further bone on bone erosin.

      Unfortunately, yes there are some real nut jobs out there. My father-in-law was a surgeon and use tell me about some of those guys practicing in his hospital. One, an orthopod, said "I would not let this idiot trim my toenails!".

      Infection rates are a funny thing. Yes there is data to support the <1% figure, but there are other studies and reports from the CDC that also points to a higher rates in the 2-5% range;depending upon region. Cannot remember if these were part of their nosicomial rates they track (i.e. hospital acquired infections)or what.


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