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  • xabt465 xabt465 Jul 3, 2006 4:33 PM Flag

    Trickle down Reagonomics

    Creeper lots to choose from as far as trucks. Full size, toy size, 2 door, 3 door, 4 door, regular cab, extended cab, crew cab. 2 wheel, 4 wheel ect...

    You looking for hauling, towing, off roading, everyday use. Cargo space, open or closed.

    Lots to choose from for shure, partial to GM


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    • X,
      Its for my son; we will "share" it if 'we' his Mom & I need anything delivered, etc. I used to like GM but they have screwed so many people lately I think their product must have suffered, we are still looking at mainly ext cab- reg. lenght bed, best driving is F-100 and Chevy "Sierra" or GMC same same. Kiki wil be glad to know we have not driven the Jap models only Ford and the French Co. GM!
      Et Dieu,

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      • Creeper

        Never cared much for GMC, to much interior noise. Had a Datsun once, seems like the truck bed rusted thru after a couple weeks. Found out the floor was gone after driving thru deeper than normal water. Guy in the jump seat wanted to know where all the water was coming from. Got thru the water, lifted the mat, found out it had turned into a "Fred Flinstone" truck :-(

        Ford, sister used to drive 'em. To hard to fix and keep running back then. Then there were the tools needed for repairs. They shure didn't didn't want anyone touching there sheetmetal and engines. Most of the common tools were the same, but if you were trying to do a brake job or work on a carb you were out of luck, needed a special tool from your Ford dealer.

        Now, all three are just abou the same. Engineers have jumped back and forth between carmakers, "sharing" not much difference anymore.

        If you look at the Chevy Colorado Ext. cab drive it in high winds, gusty wind. Damn thing all over the place.

        Drove an HHR with the daughter last month. Lots of inside room (for a college kid) all the seats fold down. Resembles the old 57-58 suburban. Wagon type vehicle. 30 MPG

        AOK-nothing against the Japanese trucks, they just are not very adaptable.


      • If that is what you want, you would be nuts not to check out the Toyota Tundra.


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