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  • pennirish7602 pennirish7602 Jul 13, 2006 3:14 PM Flag

    Buy American

    Much to Kiki's dismay this notion is becoming increasingly difficult.

    Who made the microwave that is in your kitchen

    Who made the TV (TV's) that are in your house

    The engine that is in your GM or Ford, mostly made in Canada

    Who made the shoes you are wearing right now,
    this list of questions could go on for days

    As stated, right now I own a Chevy SUV and two Ford trucks, yes the 85 MB I just bought is foriegn, got me there,

    I try to do my part, my kids were made in America


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    • Penn,
      You will be sad if anything ontoward happene to her; on the other hand she may see the situation more clearly with a little more time.
      It has been my humble experience that chronological age and overall maturity are not synonymous!
      All the best,

    • Creper,
      Again, thanks for the suggestions and concerns.
      We have been through numerous counseling sessions with her and she on her own. All has been discussed from self-esteem problems to depression. All involved came to the conclusion that she has been allowed to be lazy.
      As someone has stated here, we have been told to stop giving and start demanding.
      I am beginning to believe the 12 step program may be the way to go. It is about 12 steps from the front door to the curb.

      Puzzled Penn

    • Hi Penn,
      I just went through the situation you describe in looking at new cars. My wife wanted an Acura and that about settled the deal; but I still did my dilegence yada...
      I loked at a GM and Ford and was amazed at the foreign content stickers posted on or with the Window Price sticker!
      After driving some of them; the Ford 500, the Impala (looks just like a Taurus) a Buick and a Linclon Zephyr, I went to BMW too expensive and has rear wheel drive the silly guy said buying a BIMMER is like ordering a steak at fine resturant, everything is alacarte. Drove Lexus just big Toyota Avalon and went to Acura and bought the car Mrs. Paul wanted in first place, it is sweet!
      As to roadsters, my wife had a Triumph TR4 in college, Brit racing green /c tan leather interior. We loved the car but the electrical system bu Lucuas gave us fits.
      Enjoy your new MB!

    • BTW, my 22 yearold daughter who is giving me fits was made in America,

      anyone want to make me an offer,

      doesn't work very well, stays up all night, sleeps all day, does nothing around the homestead, does have a good appetite though,

      perplexed in Pa,


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