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  • jak.stat jak.stat May 28, 2009 10:02 PM Flag

    Get a soap box

    What's da matter Webbob, they kicked your sorry ass from the other "bored" again????

    Don't count on MY help this time.

    Last time I helped you getting re-instated, you returned my generocity with SCHEIST.



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    • Well Jak good to see some things don't change. You are still coming across as a clown. It is kind of funny seeing you berate someone else when you come across as a clown. Too bad, there are probably some brains behind what you do, but I can't figure it out. For someone who thinks Abbott is a pos stock, why have you held on when all you do is complain and feel it is going down. Don't you have a better investment for your, what was it, 50,000 shares. Where did you put the red nose?

    • P..., if that is your real name... First of all, you are so wrapped up in your own self-indulgence, you skate over many Truths and lack comprehensiveness or real understanding of what is really going on around you... This is probably due to a bi-polar personality disorder which I am sure you wrestle with on a daily basis... Your flamboyant insecurity constantly surfaces, and the only recourse you have is to attempt at making others feel inferior, which of course never works, yet it seems to satisfy your very low self-esteem...

      If understanding "Server" technology was your forte, you would surely be bankrupt... I did not lose privileges as weB on the other board... I simply signed in from an old system which revealed a MAC Code and subsequently associated that MAC Code with my new ID... So, take a look in the mirror and think Idiot, once again...

      Frankly, my participation in the other board has been minimal at best for quite some time now... All I see over there is a bunch of old farts comparing the size of their Johnsons, you of course, being the ring leader with the smallest schlong...

      I will not miss it... I have email addresses and phone numbers of the people that really matter...

      Regarding the reinstatement episode you so fondly refer too, yes I did befriend you, but it was very short-lived... You copied and pasted private message information on the public board... It did not bother me because I never say anything in private that I would not say in public, however, it did show me that you have no social skills and can certainly not be trusted with any level of confidence...

      Within a week of befriending you, and talking to you about chemical testing, you once again let the other part of your bi-polar brain take over and attacked my intelligence... I think you either have some serious soul searching to do, maybe a frontal lobotomy, or maybe take the 12 steps and stop drinking... In either case, 50% of your personality is unmitigated "dick-head"...

      Have a nice weekend...


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