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  • ahscarb ahscarb Jul 29, 2010 10:53 PM Flag

    Financial Terrorists

    Tide wrote:

    "We are broke. But who did it? Not the people.
    Where did the money go? Ask those who control the money.
    Where did the jobs go? Those in control took and gave them away."

    Tide, if you really believe these things, you are either purposefully being blind, just bitter, or both.

    WS played a role in the current state of the country but who put a gun to the heads of "the people" and made them buy homes they couldn't afford. You don't think govt. had any role in the events of the last 2 years? They were as culpable as WS or anyone else. Did WS have anything to do with unions pricing themselves right out of a job?

    Point is, you keep pointing at WS as the entity that led to the problems this country has today. I cry BS on that belief. We(WS, ordinary people, unions, the govt.) all are to blame. To believe otherwise is not being intellectually honest. Period.

    I love my country but we have truly become the land of the whiner and the home of the victim. Worse yet, we now require those of us who did act responsibly to bail out those who did not.

    Call me old fashion or worse if you must, that's your right, but I firmly believe that until acting responsibly and being accountable stand for something again, we will be stuck right where we are or worse.

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    • That's hilariously funny, ahscarb, you sound just like CNBC, one of the loudest WS mouthpieces that operate with an ASSUMPTION that 'we the people' are either stupid or have short memories.

      You dared to ask: "You don't think govt. had any role in the events of the last 2 years?"
      AS IF this country had just got into double in the last 2 years!

      Whereas, the well-known fact is that the subprime mortgage bubble or financial crisis, and this economic depression were all created while your beloved republican president GWB was in the office. The damages done under his administration may take 20 (= 2 x10) YEARS to repair, if at all repairable.

      How cunning and dirty you are is beyond belief. You are part of the propaganda machine for sure.

      You must quit claiming that you love this country. No, you don't. You only love money - made and to be made at all costs to the people, the nation, the world, and the earth.

      Take note: True patriots love the people that comprise the nation, the country; they do not suck them dry and then sack them.

      Sadly, the American people will witness a wave of the corporations' moving headquarters overseas, once they obtain guarantees of military loyalty in the foreign countries. It has started already; check out RIG and NE for example.

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      • Did I say I excused the Bush admin from the role they played in the problems we have today? Nope. In fact, despite my deep regret, I voted for Obama. However, you are kidding yourself if you believe both sides of aisle didn't play a role.

        With regard to my love for this country, you're way out of line but I find no need to explain to you the ignorance of that comment(as you don't know anything about me).

        My only point is that I believe your single focus on WS as the primary culprit is FAR to narrow as there is plenty of blame to go around.

        I think we need to simply agree to disagree but I'll stand by my comments.

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