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  • studiorite studiorite Jan 20, 2011 1:09 PM Flag

    Now dontcha wish you'd bounght a ton

    ...the other day when it was down over a buck?

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    • Yes, I bought last Friday and sold all today with a good profit. I do not want to be suckered into the idea of long term investing. In and is the only way to go.

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      • Monsoon will be a successful trader one day. Never fall in love with these pieces of paper. Stocks are for trading.

        Mad will be able to reload on ABT the day of earnings. It will see $ 46 again, and then some.

      • you sold to early. going to at least 48.20. by tomorrow am, and looks like it wants to get to 48.50. hrly chart showing a wave 3 confirmation. wave 4 pullsback from 48.20 or 48.50, and wave 5 ends at 48.50 or 50+. all just depends on how it feels lol.

      • The difference in tax rate between in and out versus long-term is tremendous.

        There is also a lot of market uncertainty right now IMO. I have no idea which we'll see next: S&P 1400 or S&P 1100. In and out may give you some protection from S&P 1100, but it risks missing out on the optimistic alternative. Buying the couple of good stocks beaten down in the past quarter SHOULD limit downside, while maximizing potential.

        I bought ABT on Tuesday, and am quite satisfied with its performance during an S&P retreat.

        I am holding cash to take advantage of an S&P pullback, but I'm not gonna become a short-term trader because of that risk. I'd rather keep buying strategically on value and look for multi-year profits. I don't see how ABT can be in the $40's in 2013. $50's? $60's? Probably. And meanwhile a 3.7% annual dividend off of my purchase price.

        Yeah, long term holding suits me just fine.

    • I do. Trying to keep my portfolio at 3% yield. ABT helps that. I like the share price potential AND the yield on this stock. It added well to the healthcare sector of my portfolio. Now I need to add some positions outside of healthcare to keep me more universally diversified.

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