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  • jak.stat jak.stat Jan 27, 2011 10:03 PM Flag

    Wall Street is telling the BoD: REMOVE MILES WHITE. ASAP.


    Ad hominem, ad hominem and more ad hominem...
    When you cannot win an argument-and you clearly LOST your arument more than once over the last several years, just use invectives and insults.

    Well, I have been proven RIGHT about this POS of a stock and you have been proven WRONG.

    No contest.

    Now, you are histerical because you are losing your shirt pumpung a losing stock.

    Enough said.

    Good night.

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    • You don't have to remind me of the term but I will remind you ONCE AGAIN that you misapplied it, when you attempted to describe the situation. As I have already explained to you, you are confused about the context of your own Latin term. Not once have you provided a reason as to WHY an investor shouldn't own ABT, other than your baseless psycho babble about your dislike for ABT and Miles. As I stated years ago, you have a seriously mental derangement when it comes to ABT. I also think you need to return to your own country and stop bashing Americans.

    • By the way, aren't YOU the one here name calling. Just take a look at your other comments. That is all you do.... you name call and disparage individuals. You project more than anyone I have observed in a very long time.

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