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  • infotech300 infotech300 Jan 27, 2011 12:07 PM Flag

    Wall Street is telling the BoD: REMOVE MILES WHITE. ASAP.

    "Otherwise, we are going to keep pounding your stock."

    The Board really has to remove this guy, and investors are sending the strongest message as possible: "For immediate release to the Abbott Laboratories Board of Directors: NO FLOOR IN STOCK PRICE UNTIL WHITE ANNOUNCES HIS EARLY RETIREMENT." This fellow Miles White is as ineffective and as potent a capital incinerator as William Weldon at J&J -- but at least J&J shares are UP today.

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    • Jakstat, NOT ONCE have you proven that I have been wrong about ABT, nor can you offer any suggestive evidence (other than my positive sentiment on ABT)to support your claim that I need help. You, on the other hand, need some therapy to cure that obsession of yours with Miles White. Your fixation is so demented that you are here posting as other people to bash the man. Just because you come here and blab on the board with your obsolete form of writing and attempt to intimidate others with your anticocial behavior, does not mean that you are right.

    • You're fooling yourself, kteerga. But that is nothing new.

      You live in an imaginary world of kteerga and you need help. Serious help.

      I have been posting here for more than 11 years and as long as I remember, you epitomized stupidity.
      No extenuating events dissuade me from my perception of you.

      Get lost.

      You expounded idiocies on this MB more that 2 years ago when I told you about ABT. You did the same consistently, which is characteristic of lower intellect.

      You are demontrably WRONG and I am clearly RIGHT.

      Now, GFY.

    • No, kteerga. We are different people I post only under under my moniker.
      Now, why would you think that in the whole wide Yahoo mb there would be only one individual with clear mind and power of analysis to see that your ABT stock is a POS???

      There are SOME sane people left in this world, you know...

      you dear lady, are not one of them....

    • Stop talking to yourself Jakstat. You are INFO and Doral1986. You aren't fooling anyone here.

    • Kteerga is not "sir". She is "madam" with a serious crash/fixation on Miles White.....

    • I think I just caught you in the act. What happened? Did you forget to log back in as Jakstat before posting this, INFO? You are cold busted man. Just caught your butt here. LOL! You are a dumb one. You allow your emotions to control you. So much that it caused you to make this mistake.

    • YES, I was right. Jakstat is posting as DORAL1986 AND INFO.


    • Who, praytell, are you, sir ? Do you post from the recreation room of a mental institution ? Your postings are all over the map.

      As for any "fixation," one would have to submit that it is you, sir, who harbors the unnatural fixation with the piece of paper also known as a share of Abbott stock. Nay, "fetish" is the word.

    • I have to admit, judging by the virtual contempt exhibited by the quoted analysts in the recent conference call transcript, White really has to go. Now Abbott is slipping into that "endless charges" phase which usually indicates that executive management has gone stale.

      Sell the company or merge it out of existence, White, if "management" has lost its vision and have no alternatives. Either that, or announce your retirement to the Board, making certain that ample time is provided in order to screen for a replacement.

      White -- investors have had just about enough, at this point. Retirement beckons.

      • 1 Reply to fifty_euros
      • Yes. Miles White has run Diagnostics Division into ground (remember Consent Decree) and now he's doing a number on the whole company.

        The only true positive of his disgraceful chairmanship was the appointment of the distinguished, visionary Professor of Medicine from University of Chicago as Miles's second in command. His name if you recall, was Jeff Leiden, M.D.
        Leiden should be credited with stent effort and of course, without any question, it is to Leiden's credit that ABT acquired Knoll and human monoclonal antibody technology which resulted in adalimumab (Humira).

        So what happened to Jeff Leiden M.D. you may ask?

        Well do your own DD and draw your own conclusion. He's no longer at ABT, that's for sure.

        Miles White has to go.

    • Whoever this person is, male or female, has been putting all of you on. This is nothing more than a joker who enjoys toying with certain participants and getting a rise out of them.

      Strange, strange people lurk in these public forums.

      Now, ABT ? enough has been said of the problem here, and this morning, it continues.

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