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  • rebeldoe rebeldoe Apr 6, 2011 2:08 PM Flag

    Once again Jak Stat has

    taken a powder. Nowhere to be found when ABT is rising. Up over 10% since Valentine's Day. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

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    • I had my fun with you, jackass.

      enough of monkeying around with you...

    • Jak is NOT the disgruntled ABT employee that I thought he was. He is a disgruntled and obviously bitter obamaite. He's got to be wondering how he could have been so easily fooled.

    • Good for you,Jak. Now get some rest.

    • now GFY... and don't tell me it's physically impossible to do. You have shown to the whole MB that you are a master at it.

      Typical conservascheister republiCRAP.

      as for drinking, I may occasionally be mildly affected by a hang-over but you are always stupid. And next day I am sober butyou will always be stupid (with sincere apologies to Sir W.C)

    • What? Are you still drunk this late on Sunday morning? Read what you wrote and tell me what it is supposed to say. Piece of advice for you. Get your nose out of obama's rear-end. There may be a better world out there but obama is not the man who will get it for you. We now know that your bitterness comes from you liberal beliefs that the rest of the world owes you something for nothing. You want to do good things with OTHER peoples money and then take credit for it. I will not resort to calling you names or telling you to do things to yourself that are physically impossible. That's the differnce between a conservative and a liberal. I would rather face you and fight than cuss you anonymously while hiding behind the safety of a computer screen. But that's just me.

    • Obama never told the conservascheisters republicraps where to go and what to do. He bnever learned to measure the a-holes who stand in front of him and give them according to what they are. I learned it long ago so I tell you: STFU, and GFY.

    • I knew that you were an obama man. He and you share the need to impress others with your words. As with obama the people know you are both full of it.An obamaite. Why am I not surprised. Name-calling and blaming others for your problems. Cut from the obama mold.

    • Well, well, well....President Obama is certainly much smarter than you so you should STFU and stop spreading cretinic comments here. In addition, President Obama outclasses his predecessor, the worst POTUS in American history. Jackasses of your ilk will not understand it but it nevertheless is the truth.

    • Maybe you should develop a predilection for investing and then maybe,just maybe, you wouldn't be here calling everybody names. I don't trade and have never shorted. I buy when it looks like a stock is undervalued and ready to pop. Just like ABT looked on Valentine's Day. Up over 10% since then. I guess you could say that I had a premonition.You remind me a great deal of our "Dear Leader" obama. He also thinks that he is the smartest man in the room. Any room.

    • Puckhole,

      You cannot tell the difference between knowledge and ignorance, wisdom and stupidity, virtue and sin.

      Your little mosquito brain understands only idiocies for which I have no predilection and which are boring to me: trading, shorting, crap like that.

      STFU and get lost....

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