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  • fogetabouutit fogetabouutit Apr 15, 2011 11:49 AM Flag

    What's Going On?

    To borrow from Charlie Sheen, I could care less about trolls such as the jak a**. What I care about is what the heck is driving ABT since Feb 1?

    I'm new to this stock and while I didn't buy at the recent bottom, I'm up over 8% since January plus the dividend. The only posts I see here are the much deserved digs at the high school kid living in his parent's basement and Humira.

    There's got to be more to this story. Any ideas?

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    • <<To borrow from Charlie Sheen, I could care less about trolls such as the jak a**.>>


      You are a certified cretin. That much is evident. As for the rest, it does not require any answer from anybody with a modicum of discernment. GFY.

    • The posters here talk a lot but know NOTHING. FDA issued biosimilars act and here it is:
      As for the retard who called me names: there is a reason why my user name is Jak.stat and he's to stupid to understand.

      A disgrace...

    • Abbott Laboratories Management maybe Sizing up ( Amex: RNN ) Rexahn with a nice Robust Drug Pipeline that Teva and Pfizer like so much. Rexahn right now can be bought for pennies on the dollar.

      Rexahn Potential is so huge it may be better and than the biggest Mega Lotto Jackpot in History.... Maybe biggest Biotech Discovery in Years.

      Buy ABT with your Dollars and RNN with your spare pocket change. Pocket Change may Grow to many ( RNN ) Rexahn Dollars.

      Teva likes RX 3117 Cancer Drug so much it partner with Rexahn and bought 6% of RNN shares.

      Pfizer I am believe likes Rexahn's ED Drug Zoraxel in Phase llb Clinical Trail if everything goes well with Zoraxel Phase llb then my bet is Pfizer will make a deal with Rexahn for
      Hundreds of Millions of Upfront Dollars or just buy All of Rexahn for a New Drug that will replace Viagra in the future, that Drug is Zoraxel.

      ED Drug Zoraxel if Approved by FDA has a MultiBillion Dollar Potential ... 3 to 15 Billion Dollars in sales per year.. On the Rexahn Board right now is a guy from Pfizer for 28 Plus Years named Peter Brandt.
      Rockville, MD, September 13, 2010
      Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Announces the Appointment of Peter Brandt and Richard Kivel to Board of Directors

      Peter Brandt was most recently President and Chief Executive Officer of Noven Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company based in Miami, Florida. Prior to leading Noven, Brandt spent 28 years at Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. He served as Pfizer’s President – U.S. Pharmaceuticals Operations, where he helped deliver revenue and earnings growth while engineering major change within Pfizer’s U.S. pharmaceuticals organization. Prior to running the U.S. operations, he led the Latin American Pharmaceuticals Operations, as well as the following Pfizer Worldwide Pharmaceuticals functions: Finance, Information Technology, Planning and Business Development. He also oversaw the operations of Pfizer’s care management subsidiary, Pfizer Healthcare Solutions.

      Rexahn Statement

      Today, our clinical pipeline features multiple Phase II drugs that we believe will fill a void of viable therapies for diseases where a meaningful cure is overdue.
      Serdaxin® a best-in-class therapy for treating depression, and potentially Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.
      Zoraxel™ a first-in-class CNS-based therapy for treating sexual dysfunction.
      Archexin® a first-in-class AKT-inhibitor therapy for treating various cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, renal cell carcinoma (RCC), glioblastoma, and cancers of the ovary and stomach.

      These lead clinical drugs are part of a robust pipeline that includes several promising pre-clinical anti-cancer compounds.
      Our strategy is to continue building a significant product pipeline of innovative medicines that we will commercialize alone or with pharma partners. Rexahn’s powerful discovery engine and differentiated product pipeline provide the opportunity for a high value generating bio-pharmaceutical company – one with the expertise to develop cures for the major diseases of our time.

      RNN For Pocket Change is a buy ABT for Dollars is a Strong Buy in my Humble Opinion

    • The EU has already made a path for Biosimilars, and half of Humira's sales are from Europe. Anyone who doesn't think there will be Biosimilars is just fooling themselves.

    • It's utterly IRRELEVANT whether or not there will be a generic for adalimumab (Humira)

      There will be something much better, PFE tasocitinib, a Jak Stat inhibitor.

    • @up_your_ant

      Your comments are almost laughable.

      I say almost, because you don't understand the industry, so in that respect I will take your ignorance into account.

      I will believe the comments made by MANY industry expers, like the writer in the Barron's article (who actually does DD and research before they publish) long before I will believe some no-named person like you.

      The excuse that the FDA has not provided guidelines is exactly that, an excuse

    • right on, antigen!

    • The other poster was right to call you a name. There wont be a humira biosimilar for a long time. Probably no substitutable generic ever. FDA has not even issued guidelines for follow on biologics for mabs like humira.


      Humira patent expires december 31, 2016. this conversation may become important for ABT stock at some point. but it certainly is not in 2011.

    • I am not a basher

      I own the stock

      There is a reason why this company is NOT trading at 14X. why don't you tell me why it is not.

      Tell me why the stock is not at $70.

      There are hundreds of qualified analysts out there, that know more about the pharma industry than you will ever know in your lifetime.

      I post reality, noting more, nothing less.

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